09 January 2006


If you talk in Huna / NLP terms, then a 'block' is a mental block to behaviour that you consciously aim for, also variously known as shooting yourself in the foot, cutting off your nose to spite your face or over reacting.

Husband has one tiny but very significant and deeply embedded self-defeating habit that annoys him to the Nth degree, to the point that he never looked at the knock on effects (ie the idea that it annoys me too, or that him constantly getting anoyed like he's the only one it annoys, annoys me even more.) You following this?

Anyhow, as he is in the middle of NLP training, its something he almost has the tools to sort out. He went one step further and announced he was going to get it sorted, by asking for a session with someone when he goes away to finish the course this month.

This was actually an amazing revelation, the issue had come to a head and frustrated him more than he was prepared to accept, me too; and as a result we talked and came to an agreement.

The agreement is that if he chickens out of getting this sorted I will make his life hell, on account of how he has given me room to imagine my beloved without this thorn in his side. I want my man whole, healed and hunky, the way he was born to be. Very exciting.

Well, he has had his revenge and presented me with the Tony Robins Personal Power tapes. He says they didn't do him much good because his NLP training meant he was counting triggers and anchors and all the little tricks used to make the words stick, instead of hearing what was said. Fair dos, but he obviously hopes that I will be less aware and able to let the suggestions slide straight on in to my subconscious. It seems like we are having a personal revamp swap, but I am playing my part, because I want him free of this single glitch of his, so very badly.

You take a rock and polish it, you've got a nicer rock. I hope that will happen to me. I see him more as metal than rock, so am far more anxious to see him happy because I really think he'd shine.

Today I listened to tape/disc one of the Tony Robbins stuff.

Three feet from my computer screen, I slumped back in my chair, closed my eyes and dropped down to low alpha, or theta, to make the voice and the message the only information getting in. I did everything I could.

It worked, I was mesmerised.

It worked too well, I fell asleep.

Now I am supposed to act on the list of two jobs/targets I had to write down as a result of the session, but it's as much as I can do to type this, which at least doesn't involve much movement.

I must be getting old, because now all I want to do before I get the kids from school is slope off to bed. Off for forty winks. How useless I am.


Le laquet said...

But isn't that exactly right - just like the time I tried to give up smoking* using a hypnosis tape .... which talked about walking down leafy lanes, breathing in the clean fresh air etc etc and whenever I finished and "woke up" I used to think lovely, breathe deeply and reach for the packet of fags!

* I eventually suceeded ... 6 years in April!

Anonymous said...

Sleep is good... sleep is a source of power. Grab it while you can!

doris said...

No, not useless. Just part of the process. So don't fight the sleep - apparently these things also work on a subconcious level but the more you do it the more you will feel that you are getting from it and you wont always fall asleep.

It sounds great. I thought it was interesting that hubby couldn't listen to it without noticing all the technical side.

And it also sounds like we are all frowing and developing and it seems to me to be in leaps and bounds but it might not always seem like it at the time.

fineartist said...

Most wonderful chick, you keep burnishing that metal and he will indeed shine brighter.

As for sleep, I’ll take a healthy dose of that myself, please God, with a cherry on top.

Writer Mom said...

I need to go do some research. I'm intrigued, but have no idea what Huna/NLP is...Tony Robins?

I DO understand wanting to sleep in my free time. If that makes us old, let's park our chairs along side each other and enjoy a group nap.
We can take turns smacking people who come along and annoy us.