23 January 2006

Lets Play Squash The Spammer

Are you on Blogger.com, like me? Or are you on Livejournal, Blog.co.uk, MSN Spaces?

Wherever you are, how would you feel about some jerk dreaming up a little system that creates new email addresses, new user names and new individual blogs at roughly one a minute, all containing the same junk? All full of rubbishy text and a million links?

This guy is thinking big, I'll give him/her that. Half the links are to search pages and the rest build up the veracity of those ones, by linking to his/her other mirror blogs on another blogging system.

I mean if you found one on Livejournal and clicked one of the links marked blog, blogger, web-log, each would connect you to a mirror site on blog.co.uk or msn or somewhere else.

He's not trying to fuck with a single system, he's going for them all.

Heres the game:

Do a search on Technorati (see my side bar) and search 'all blogs' for the phrase 'pipelayers and pipefitters'. Last time I looked there were 573 posts in total, 20 of them in the last three days, although that doesn't include the work he's done at blog.co.uk (twenty new weblogs just this morning, now all blocked and being deleted) or at any other hosting service that doesn't support embedding Technorati or the like.

Click on a few, find one (or as many as you like) on your own blog host (or wherever) and report them.

The more complaints the giants get, the quicker they will realise this jerk is using up their bandwidth just for fun and pissing us off into the bargain.

Blogger.com particularly relies on the quantity of 'flags' a site receives, before looking into it, so lets give him hell.

Just make sure its one of his stupid stupid blogs with references to wilkinson and pumpkin seeds and general junk - NOT MY BLOG!!!! This post will be up on Technorati in a short while, I'm sure.

Why not link here, or steal this post entire, I don't mind; just get everyone to shoot this jerk down in flames.

Please? Do you think if we meme'd this we could get 100 people to complain?

Comment to let me know you're in on this :-)


Note: Bloody hell - He's upped and started somewhere else - at BlogEasy - 10 new junk blogs and counting. I was going to ping them and say something, but got to their front page and the five newest blogs there are ALSO spam junk advert blogs, not even his. OK the others are small fry, but really, whats the point of telling them that their badnwidth is being wasted and they are advertising themselves as home to spam and not much else, if they don't even watch their own front page?

My heads hurts, now.


Ms Mac said...

I have started getting spam comments from Blogger comments which has actually been disabled on my blog! The only reason I know about them is that they come thru on email. It's quite bizarre.

Arrgghhh! I loathe spammers! (Talk about stating the obvious!)

KW said...

I just don't get the point. I mean, why would you want to do that sort of thing? People really are odd, no?

Hope he gets what's coming to him... Soon!

Oh, and I'm in, by the way.


Cheryl said...


Fuckkit said...

Lets form an angry mob and attack him with pitchforks.

Or yeah, your plan's good too :)

Cheryl said...

Thanks Fukkit, although I like your idea more! :-)

Le laquet said...

I'm in, but I'd be in on the pitchfork thing too!

jane said...

how do you figure this stuff out? i've got such a think-in-the-box kinda mentality. reading your post exhausted my brain, cheryl! it's no wonder you're exhausted, lol.

Badaunt said...

I once went through ALL my posts looking for spam that had been sent (before I implemented word verification). They attach it to old posts, and there is nothing in the email of the comment to say which post it came from. I was determined not to have spam on my blog.

It took half a day, and I was really, really irritated, but it was interesting as well because I reread a whole bunch of old blog entries I'd forgotten writing.

I'm in on the anti-spam campaign. Blogger is already aware of the spam problem (they report on this sometimes, but a reminder won't hurt.