12 January 2006


Regarding the post below:

Relax. Its only 47 seconds long. The phone or the recording sucks, not me. No I don't have a lisp. No I'm (sadly) not drunk, either. On the other hand neither am I so squeaky in the normal course of things - it's just that I got the bleep alert to start recording and the back of my head started screaming obscenities at me, along the lines of 'What the F do you think you are playing at you sad retard.'

I am never cruel, but the back of my mind is pure evil. I am taking into a corner now, to have words.

Playing in the background is my favourite Pink track never to have been issued as a single, so I can't find a full mp3 or video online to link to. Its called 18 Wheeler, off the Missundaztood album, and worth it's weight in gold (ok ok so a track, as such, has no weight.) Resilient, defiant and fun. Go find.


weenie said...

Hi! Missundaztood is a great album. Pink's next album (can't even recall the name) only has like 2 tracks that I like. Good job I only paid a coupla quid for it off ebay, or I would have been ripped off.

Ally said...

You have turned my husband in to a basket case with your hamster. He won't leave his screen :).

Anonymous said...

Not masive pink fan but must admit to having secret copy of that album (well not so secret anymore but hey) and thats my favourite tune. How do ya do the audio post thingy?

Cheryl said...

Ally - go to the labs and play with the llama or the spider (which you can feed with flies!) - hours of fun.

Lady M - erm, I phoned America! Thats why I gave up with such a short, rough post (£££) - see www.audioblogger.com

fineartist said...

You are so fun, and this audio thing could really take off...I'm liking it. I can't wait to hear Zilla say bite me. hehe.