24 January 2006

Help Chepner's Mom, and pass it on!

Live in America?
No kids / school age kids?

PLEASE save your Box Tops For Education coupons. Don't shove them in the bin, shove them in the mail to Chepner!

Seriously - Box Tops For Education sets an earnings limit of $20,000 dollars per school.

Chepner's Mom teaches in a deprived area where last year the WHOLE SCHOOL, in total, raised less than three percent of the limit, finishing up with an award worth just $544.

Isn't it the way - when a school is in a fairly poor area and has a chance like this, it turns out that very few of the parents have a budget that stretches to the relevant purchases.

Every box top coupon that you shove in the mail to Chepner makes 10 cents of difference!

Follow the link to Chepners blog for a PO Box address.
In America? Read by Americans? Copy this post and pass it on :-)

(This post reactivated to stay on the front page. First posted 19 Jan 05.)


Writer Mom said...

So great of you to pass this along!

I printed out the brands and posted it on my fridge.

I'm on the verge of an American education rant, by the way. How are the UK school systems?

(You're so sweet)

Cheryl said...

Writer Mom
Private schools are strictly for the priveliged. Most attend state schools, the central Government decides the budget and dishes it out to LEAs - local education authorities.
They all spend it differently and have different priorities and there arwe variations in quality, but a school in a deprived area is likely to get better funding.

Chep said...


Thank you SO much for your post! I do hope we can help the school earn more money this year.

I did find out that some of the money funds the breakfast program for under priveliged kids. Children who's only meals may be at school. Isn't that sad?

Thanks again for helping out!

Just another American Expat said...

I went to Chep's website. Look...to be honest, I would rather live in the Armpit of America then the Asshole of Europe…ooops. Did I say that? She actually made a pretty interesting move. She must have seen “The Music Man”.
“Gary, Indiana,
Gary Indiana,
Not Louisiana, Paris, France, New York, or Rome, but--
Gary, Indiana,
Gary, Indiana,
Gary Indiana,
My home sweet home.”
…then she moved to Iowa? River City …anyone?

jane said...

I went & checked that site out & will look to see if I have any of those box tops. I don't buy many things in boxes, but it's worth a look. It's so sad the poorest in our nation get the least. It should be the other way around. Thanks for bringing this to my attention, Cheryl.

Fuckkit said...

"Private schools are strictly for the priveliged."

I beg to disagree, I don't come from a priveliged family but I had a private education (which I must admit I wasted like the fool I am). I got in purely on merit, my parents were given a financial break because I did so well in the entrance exam.

Yeah, most the people I went to school with were fairly well off, lived in the "posh" bits of Greater Manchester, but some of them were from the poorer areas and they also got in on merit.

Still think private schools are a bloody waste of space tho, they do nothing to prepare you for the real world.

Cheryl said...

Touche Fukkit!
That makes me feel a whole lot better!
As a certified genius five year old (shucks and blush) I was offered scholarship right off the bat. My parents never took it up because I had brothers and they couldnt juggle getting us all to different locations. School was boringly easy and I spent most of my time tidying cupboards or making tea for the headmaster because they'd run out of work for me, got to the top class in the top grammar school on my 11+ with the same attitude and woke up one day about age 17 to realise some quite, erm, average people around me knew a hell of a lot more than I did because they'd been listening and learning to work. Life lesson or what.

I'd forgotten about scholarships when I answered writermom.

On the other hand, if the subject hadn't been raised by my teachers, my parents would never have thought of it, at any stage of my education. Isn't it also a sort of privelige to have parents who look up from the mud, even without the cash backing?

Outlook is so much more valuable than academics. Its always whats inside that counts.

(Off to find a screwdriver to prise this bloody halo off....)

ME Strauss said...

I'm going to put this on Successful Blog. We talk about Leadership. Here's a chance for them to show some.


ME Strauss said...

PS. I think this makes you an honorary S.O.B. Now, Now, that means Successful and Outstanding Blogger. Come by and read about it at the blog if you want. There really is such a thing and most folks are proud to be one--honest. Truly, they really are. I mean it. I'm not kidding. I wouldn't say so, Cheryl, if it wasn't true. Cheryl, you know I'd never call you names . . . :)

Cheryl said...


What can I say, but wow, and
HUGS, and

thank you.


P.S. re your second comment, I want a badge for my blog now, with Honorary S.O.B. on it! Make it with a link in the back to go to your site :)

zilla said...

Ditto WM's sentiments. I'll be posting about it soon, too. And sending in my box tops. My girls' school should be collecting them for other schools instead of for themselves. Need is relative, I suppose.

I've driven through Gary.

My box tops will go to Gary this year.

Thanks, Cheryl.

fineartist said...

We collect box tops, Campbell’s soup, and best choice labels in our school district too. It’s an awesome program, and you are thoughtful and the bomb for promoting it Cheryl.

I teach in a rural area, a huge percent of our kids are on free or reduced lunches, heck my kids qualified for reduced lunches when I first started teaching…we are what some might call a poor community, financially. Partly because of the lack of jobs in the area, partly because farmers are finding it more difficult to farm and feed a family, partly because many people flee the city to escape jail and hide down here…..But then again it’s tough everywhere.

Unfortunately, for along time the majority of our state funding was funneled to the inner city schools, then it evened out for awhile--when Clinton was in office--and now since Bush has declared the no child left behind bandwagon, and reduced funding while increasing accountability, we are scratching again.

We will make it on our creativity, Lord knows we aren’t getting much money.

ME Strauss said...

You'll get the badge Cheryl. I'll send you info on how to code it. I'm happy to do it.

ME Strauss said...

You're all set, Cheryl,
Three posts on three blogs, two track backs to you and Chepner and the badge in an email with how to add it to your a blog if you wish to. Oh, and don't feel shy about adjusting the size if you need to, or asking me to if you don't know how.