09 January 2006

Follow My Leader....

Your Life Path Number is 22

Your purpose in life is to use your power for good

Of all the life paths, yours has the most innate power.
Your power lies in your vision, and you must recruit others to help you in this vision.
You are able to be a great idealist, but you still have the practicality to get things done.

In love, you tend to be a big romantic - but you also tend to keep your distance.

You have a lot of potential, and it's sometimes hard to live up to.
Sometimes you just feel like slipping into obscurity and doing nothing.
You tend to be prone to dramatic emotions, until you step back and look at things honestly.

Okay so thats a whackjob religious leader who likes to veer between being a total drama queen, and hiding under a rock.



Billy said...

My life path number turns out to be 7 and it's all remarkably apposite, rather like those horoscopes in the newspapers. How amazing.

Happy new year, by the way.


PS You couldn't recommend a decent hotel in Eastbourne, could you?

Cheryl said...

Long time.
Happy New Year to you too.

Sorry - can't recommend - as its only a bus ride away (over the Seven Sisters, past Friston Forest and the Country Park http://www.sevensisters.org.uk/ with amazing views down on the Cuckmere/Exceat) I have never even thought of looking into hotels there.

If you want the traditional Eastbourne seafront experience there are a variety of Grand Hotels (some do tea dances!) and snug B&Bs and your best bet is to phone the Eastbourne Tourist Information Centre (http://www.eastbourne.org/tourism/) for all the glossies for places in your price range.

If you want the AONB experience, don't forget to look at the villages at the back and places like Alfriston (white horse, English wine centre, http://www.ukattraction.com/south-east-england/english-wine.htm etc)

I hope that's enough help!

The Lady Muck said...

My life path number's 9. My purpose is to change the world. Hehe. Love this keep it up!

Jess said...

mine was an 11..it was actually pretty close..hmmm

Carol said...

Hiya, Mine was 5, and it was scarily accurate. I don't think I would have cared, but you remember all those number games you messed wth as a kid? Add up the numbers of your name etc etc? Well, all of those have always ended up as number 5 as well. My maiden name, and both my married names did/ do too

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

My # is 11...And I sound quite wonderful according to the Oracle Of Life Path Numbers!!!

I'm here from Michele today and Happy To Meet You!

fineartist said...

I'm an 8, and some of it was right...on, the other was well, sort of insulting, hahahah. Oh well, it was fun, and the insulting bit was probably right on too.

Paula said...

Glad to meet you. Just blogging around tonight and checking out new blogs. Found you from old old lady of the hills. Just met her, too.

Didn't check out the life path thing . . . I guess I'm happy with the path I'm on. LOL

ella m. said...

I'm also a 9, though I think I've redirected any attempts at saving the world into a anarchist's quest of creating and enjoying the resulting melee of the herd minded.
I'm the dark side of the Path.(obligatory cheesy semi star Wars reference for the day)