08 January 2006

For My American Friends

And also to get back on track;

In relation to the fame post below (just under the boring freaky heavy dream, man) I assume that many of my friends will have no idea at all who Griff Rhys Jones, Ken Dodd, Terry Wogan and Michael Barrymore actually are. They are funny men, of the dry, droll, high-IQ style wit (in most cases) that befits them to move onward (and upward?) to narrate things or be chat show hosts.

Here they all are:

And, here, I think, (even barring the first hope of my grasping the basics of graphic art,) is my point made:

I rest my case.


Tanda said...

Is that your hair??

Ahahahaha!!!! Great!!

Point made, lol.

doris said...

Have they arrived yet with that straight jacket?! :-D

Badaunt said...

I actually MET Griff Rhys Jones once. Well, I bumped into him. Well, all right, I cannoned into him.

He and the guy he used to tour with (who was that?) were doing a show in Wellington, years ago, and I was in a big hurry to get to the bank for some reason, and ran around a corner and almost knocked them off their feet. I spun around a few times apologizing, dashed off, and then almost gave myself whiplash turning around while I was running to see if that was REALLY who I thought it was. They were both looking back at me with a 'who was that masked woman?' look on their faces.

Or... maybe it wasn't him. Are there another two famous comics around the same age?

Now I'm feeling all stupid. A whole story in somebody else's comments about nothing relevant...

Cheryl said...

It was Mel Smith, and the show was 'Alas Smith & Jones'.


LOVELY story - am laughing :-)

zilla said...

I want to see me wearing your hair! Is that narcissistic?

Probably. :-)