13 June 2005

Poetry Challenge result

My favourite challenge (thank you!) came from Ally who set me these three words: Discombobulate, artichoke and renege.

I have had a wonderful ten minutes penning this, so if it's awful, blame me for rushing!

Here goes.

The Perils of Knock Down Charlie

One day when I was very young and common sense was rare
I played at knock-down-Charlie and I did it for a dare
But then I took a challenge where the kudos was the prize
To trick old hairy Leo, yes, the guy with wobbly eyes

I hear you gasp and so you should, a scary man is he
But I prepared to enter in where one with sense would flee
Renege? I would, oh if I could but none may shirk a bet,
Least none with only half a brain, who isn’t adult yet.

So there I stood, a plank of wood outside Old Leo’s door
But he was in a veggie patch I hadn’t seen before,
I’d knocked and run, I thought I’d won, but halted in my track
When Leo grabbed an artichoke and poked me in the back

“A knife!” thought I, “I’m going to die!” My bones began to freeze.
He ordered me to turn around, I muttered “Jesus, please!”
“What are you going to do to me?” I asked in my surprise
“Why, I’ll discombobulate you!” Said the man with wobbly eyes

Confusion swept my tiny frame, and fear at certain death.
His laughter loosed his hefty grip and so, with all my breath
I ran away and didn’t stop until I reached the hill
But when I pass that way again……..

I hear him laughing still.


Badaunt said...

How many ways are there to say I LOVE YOUR POEMS?

(I don't want to not leave a comment, but I hate repeating myself.)

anniebee said...


Ally said...

Ten out of ten! :).