11 September 2005

Blogzilla On The Spot

Well she asked for it. I did check what she meant exactly by being set up, and how far I could go, promise. It meant reading back through her blog and I always enjoy doing something wonderful like that, especially when I can tell myself its an obligation as well as a self indulgence, which kind of makes me more 'allowed'.

Dear Blogzilla

1. Did you know that the perimenopause can go on for five years before the grand changeover? I saw you started a regime a few months back. Are you living on the after effects of that or keeping it up? Whats your current regime?*

2. Sounds to me like Ex and Mrs Ex are pretty hopeless parents, even dangerous. Are you keeping a detailed diary of all their muck-ups? Can you recall a few more that are not mentioned on your blog/happened pre-blog?

3. How's your sister?

4. I've never known twins to arrive on their due date - too much pressure. Pressure is good, LOL, less pushing involved. Is everything ready? Hospital bag by the door?

5. Sounds like your mum has landed on her feet - not because of Mr King's lack of financial worries, but because of his attitude to life. How is Husbandman similar or different and what is his most endearing quality?

* In case that one is a bit close to the mark, I have just started my one symptom so far; the night sweats. They are pigs, I only wake up when they have triggered a nightmare, so I pace the house feeling like I have run a marathon and want to kill somebody. Every night and sometimes with an encore. So I actually want to know, please.


ME Strauss said...

Thought for the day:
They are not *hot flashes* they are POWER SURGES.

Quest for the week:
Find the t-shirt that reads

I'm out of estrogen and I have a gun.


smiles too,

PS It says gihhu down here. I figure that's a UK word. What does that word mean?

Cheryl said...

The men round here may not get it, I was thinking more along the lines of "On the turn and may bite"
Wanna go halves in an online T-Shirt business?
Call it Menopausal Maniac?

fineartist said...

Oh man, I WANT IN on this…the T-shirt line that is, and maybe even a greeting card company. The dreaded crossing over, I am ALREADY in on that. Power surges, hahahah, I like it.

Nose hair, when you are bent over a kids paper giving them a lesson on gesture drawing, and the kid points out that you need to trim your nose hair…Well, just another opportunity for me to give a lesson in manners I suppose.

I have a dear friend who is male but wishes he were female, who once asked me how I was doing with the night sweats, etc….then he went on to add, “Well, don’t worry, all that woman stuff will be over soon.” The louse.

This same friend sent me a card during my divorce. On the front it said, I’m sorry. Inside it said, NOT about your break up, YOUR HAIR, ye gads it’s awful. Got to laugh.

I have an idea, well actually my party girl friends and I came up with this one, one night over a bottle of Chardonnay, It’s a picture of a woman…hair in disarray, ratty robe, left over makeup on her face, tube socks, and poking out at the top of the tube socks, prickly and very hairy legs…The caption read….BEEN BUSY! How you been?

fineartist said...

Oh, how about...Just a little ditty 'cause I heard you were feeling shi....oh, never mind.

Cheryl said...

I wish I had read this sooner!

Sex and the City has already claimed a phrase about maturity giving you more to shave.

Shame eh.

If you have better ideas than cafe press, email me!

Am happy to share business if someone puts half the ideas in........and I think I can safely say I have the wit but not the artistry.

Do you think we could?

fineartist said...

DO I? Honey, I know we could. I also know you could.

I think ‘Zilla and I could cover the art and design part.

I have been thinking of slogans for awhile now, ever since I managed to wheedle the money out of my administration to buy an airbrush for my classroom.