09 September 2005

Bush Family Holiday

Got this by email. It really isn't funny at all, but somehow...............


Universal Soldier said...

Very sick but very funny. Had my first hurricane text message joke the other day:

"If New Orleans is the home of Jazz what the fcuk are Katrina and the Waves doing there?"

I'm sorry..........

Cheryl said...

Making a comeback? Oh no, sorry, that was the sewage.

Milt Bogs said...

Channel 4 had to issue an apology tonight because a recent Simpsons episode contained a song with words about New Orleans. Some viewers decided it was in poor taste. I guess the Bush Family watch Channel 4. They probably like cricket.
P.S. My comments seem to be accepting my offerings.

zilla said...

Had lunch at a bar & grill with my Auntie and her two friends today. I don't normally smoke indoors, but these ladies wanted the smoking section. Unfortunately, the smoking section was near the bar, and as is typical here in the states, the bar had a television suspended from the ceiling.

The television was, of course, tuned to Fox News, and of course, every story was either Katrina-related, or warning of possible trouble along the east coast by Tuesday of next week due to Ophelia. That's the American news for you: they will not let up with the anxiety generating that feeds their ratings. We just can't escape the tragedy of the moment or the one that MIGHT be coming, unless we turn the TV off.

Very few are back to rational thinking here. The emotional environment is still quite raw, even as far north as I am.

People say "tragedy plus time equals comedy." I suppose there could be a distance factor as well. Michigan might be laughing before Louisiana is.

Or perhaps Leno is already cracking Katrina jokes, everyone is laughing, and I'm out of the loop as usual.

I rather admire a speedy recovery, personally, but I'm honestly just not "there" yet.

I expect I will be there about the time a certain asshead is out of office.

jane said...

I do need a laugh, although I can't laugh right now @ anything about the hurricane, too many families devastated by it. I wish I could laugh about the asshole who is our president, but in all honesty, i wish i drank. if i could get good & drunk, i could laugh my ass off at him. it's so humiliating to think that over 50% of americans were stupid enough to re-elect him. it's the blind leading the blind. but i'm not part of that group, so i'm not following.
he's dumb enough to eat that fish! ha

jane said...

Okay, want to know how naive I am? Well, Tarzan came home from work & told me about this email he got with this picture of Bush on a fishing trip that was cropped w/the new orleans situation. Well, it was only THEN that I realized, the idiot didn't actually fish there. Okay, so I admit I am a blithering naive fool.
BUT, that said, our president is so stupid, he actually would arrogantly fish in front of such devastation & then probably cook the gosh dern fish in front of starving people. Just cuz he could!

Le laquet said...

I agree - It really isn't funny at all, but somehow .... it is incredibly believable - isn't it! I bet off to one side "Mama Bush" is firing up the BBQ so they can eat too!!

Cheryl said...

Jane you make the point of this wonderfully!
Thats just it - it takes a while to fall in place - any 'joke' is on the observer because the sight of the promo shot "we're good ol' boys huntin' and a fishin'" is so 'off' in its own right, so contrived, that the mind takes a while to really consider the backdrop.
I dont think it detracts from the horror of N Orleans, just adds to the horror of the foreground shot.

Dan said...

I heard my first Katrina joke the day after it happened. It goes:

There is a house in New Orlea.... oh wait, no there isn't.