03 September 2005

ID Cards

I was going to call this post 'Brilliant!', but, no.

Plenty of sites have sprung up to protest or ridicule the concept of ID cards. Easily lost, easily copied, hugely expensive if official, and linked to a Government system already known for its loopholes (such as listing more live National Insurance numbers than people of working age).

This one, 'SocialScrutiny.org, is a doozy. I love it.

If you have EVER filled in a claim form for anything, you simply have to see these:

The National ID Card Application form - About You
Its predecessor, the claim form for surveillance benefit.

Please read the questions very carefully. This might be a parallel universe, but only just!

(P.S. If you prefer World/US politics, try this instead.)


anniebee said...

Very funny, especially if you've had to fill in those type of forms! I'm bookmarking the site to have an in-depth look later.

Universal Soldier said...

Why fill this in - surely they know all of this stuff already?

Pappy said...

So, why did you hit me with your car and drive away?

Mackin with Pappy

ME Strauss said...

I'm laughing and laughing, and beginning to think you have too much time on your hands. :))