05 September 2005


Do pop over and say hello to my dear friend Steve at Wittering Heights.

He tries. He tries hard. I can imagine his darling little brow furrowing in effort.

And I'm sure he left a T out of the title, bless him.



ME Strauss said...

Your sense of humor is delightful.

Steve said...

Thanks for that Chezz :) You are not the first person to say I am trying.............Very Trying xx

jane said...

that clown gives me the creeps

Cheryl said...

Cheer up Jane, Steve's not really like that!
He wouldnt leer at a girl in trousers.

See his meme - he'd have us all in skirts and frilly aprons. :-)

(Theres a new business idea for you Steve - you could set up an e-bay shop selling rubber gloves with fur, lace or diamante cuffs glued on?)

doris said...

And Jane could make the frilly aprons! :-)

Tanda said...

I was enchanted! What a wonderfully fun blog!