06 September 2005

Today I learned:

that the boss was stressed and depressed yesterday

that the boss would have been stressed and depressed today but the contractors had promised her agency staff to do the washing up etc. It didn't arrive, but by then it was too late to work up a good head of outrage

that lunchbreaks do happen but are flexible - you get your time one way or another, just maybe not always on the right day

that 'healthy eating' means no chips

that a school sausage sandwich contains five eighths of a sausage as they are cut not in half but into sort of julienne strips

that serving and doing the till on the snacks end of the menu (drinks, cakes, sandwiches)isn't as scary as I expected; it seems I forgot that children can be incredibly polite when their stomachs are involved

that I can butter, fill, wrap, label and price up four loaves of sandwiches and twenty baguettes in under two hours

that nobody threw up or complained when they ate them

that tomorrow I need to know what fillings go with what and snap to it a bit, as there will be twice as many to do.


I am certain that your good wishes have a lot to do with this; I don't think I am out of the woods yet, but am still alive so far. Thank you.

I need a bath. I'm just trying to knock back enough coffee first, to try and guarantee that I won't fall asleep in the tub.

Glub,...glub, glub, blurble...............


anniebee said...

Hoping things continue to go ok. Sounds like you deserve that bath!

ella m. said...

Hope all is well tomorrow. It must be difficult having to do all of those different things at once.

doris said...

Splendid! You'll have a good sleep tonight :-)

I am so glad you seemed to have pulled through and coped OK - maybe you won't have to transfer to the further school after all.

OK, now to work up the prayers for tomorrow as well!

Milt Bogs said...

I somehow formed the impression that you would be supervising access to the food Cheryl. Teachers used to do it because they got their food free but most places now seem to employ outsiders to control the dinner queues. Perhaps you are expected to do that as well. Don't they need any mentors down that way? Best of luck tomorrow.

fineartist said...

I am so relieved to hear that your day went better than expected. I heard you scream a couple of times from across the ocean, but then I heard your laughter follow, so I said a couple of panic prayers and stopped worrying.

Cheryl, you are such a marvelous, wise, kindly, humor filled person, I can’t imagine you having trouble at anything you do…nope, never. Okay, before you puke, I’ll sign off, but first let me tell you a few things that I have noticed in the lunch room:

Kids will generally complain profusely about nearly everything on their plate and then finish it off ravenously. It seems that it is customary to rip school food.

Watch out for the little rascals who take bites out of things and then put them back on the line…

Smile while you are dishen’, it makes for a happy kitchen. Of course you already know this.

And lastly, you and lunch are the best part of most of these kids day!

Hang in there honey bun!

Steve said...

So its not a good idea for the kids or your OH to ask for sandwiches for diner then?

Glad to hear you survived hun, you know what they say one day at a time, or is that for something else.
Fineartist is right too, the food you provide may be the best grub those kids get, keep up the good work x

Tanda said...

Good news: one day you'll have been there long enough to wake up in the morning and target one particular segment of your work day that makes you light up. Keep your eyes open. It'll come.

MissMeliss said...

You will, of course, do splendidly.

Anyone who works with food is very brave, IMO.

jane said...

oh goodness, poor you! i don't know if i like this new job of yours Cheryl. Actually, I know that I don't . Does my vote count? I hope so. I vote NO job! Stay home. :)

Tanda said...

...and take plenty of bubble baths!! Great plan, Jane! Wish we could all join in. It sounds lovely!