30 September 2005

Am I An Over Fussy Mother?

My ten year old son is tickled pink - he has found a game on the internet that has him chuckling away out loud.

His favourite 'buddies' for this game (as you can 'buy' new buddies without using real money) are George Bush and a large purple Teletubby. Somehow he has opened a whole lot more options for projectiles - grenades, babies etc.

So, is he displaying alarmingly evil tendencies, or completely normal ones (as far as any horrible ten year old boy can be said to have normal anything)?

Should I be ignoring it until he's bored, or having an apoplectic fit?

Would love to know.


Annie said...

I'm saving the link. I might even have a go myself. My sons are into Tibia. They can "meet" their friends from school on there, and from what I've seen it's not too nasty. I'm going to try Sudoku online when I get around to it, although I'm generally better with words than figures. Have a good weekend!

doris said...

Well that was most refreshing! :-) Don't they say that such games are far better than taking it out on the real world?

I think you should be joining in!

jane said...

i say let him enjoy the game. 1 opinionated observation: the yellow teletubby would be more appropiate with george bush. (in case you aren't familiar with it, 1 of our dangerous religious leaders claims the yellow teletubby is gay!)

needed the smile. your kid rocks!

Cheryl said...

I LOVE your new name. It has a certain independance about it - a right to be in any mood you choose because its a cat's nature! Stealthy, regal, intelligent, deep, and above what anyone thinks (well we all luv ya, but if we didn't, 'Cat' wouldnt give a tuppenny fart). Brilliant!

Doris & Jane - yes its innocent fun - until he just goes on an on and on setting up Bush, surrouinding him with bouncing babies and then blowing the lot up with a hand grenade or using the 'fist' to bash them up - he is definitely hooked on that, I havent seen him laugh so much in ages.

She Weevil said...

Chill with the still, Mrs Baggage. In a similar vein try this: http://www.thefirstpost.co.uk/index.php?menuID=5&subID=14

if that doen't work google a site called The First Post and go into the games room and click on Disco Cherie Blair.

Badaunt said...

Well, I went and checked it out. Things happened. I chose 'grenades' and things blew up. It was most satisfying.

I still don't get it, though!

Le laquet said...

OH MY! Mind you I quite enjoyed that!! LMAO - thanks for the link :o)

sidhe said...

Well, I tried to link and got into a mess (probably due to dial-up) and got ejected, and went on a cyber adventure, and so on, so I never saw the game, but I wondered: would your son like to have the rubber George Bush head we found in our back yard (photo on blog)? Maybe he could pelt it with squishy pig toys or explode it or something - you know, get him out of the house, nice healthy activities! (our dog won't go near it and I feel it has a purpose somehow)

Cheryl said...

Sidhe thats wonderful!
Thank you, no, the powers that be targetted this alarmingly creepy effigy at your household, and if it even scares the dog, perhaps its possessed. Maybe putting it on a stick facing the over-neat neighbours might have an effect?

fineartist said...

I went into the site…Samps got a glimpse of the game and when I went to get ready for the school dance, I chaperoned, Samps engaged in the virtual buddy play.

He giggled around the entire time I was getting ready. Said all he could get was an open hand though. What ever that means.

Julie said...

That's kind of funny. I love how you can beat up either Bush or Kerry...hee hee.

I don't know about it being too violent. My 11 yr old plays Sims--her favorite is to build new families and houses, then think of new ways for them to die. You know, like make them jump in the pool then take the ladder away, or move them into a room then remove the door... The Grim Reaper comes to get them, then a tombstone appears in the backyard. Too funny, or maybe I'm twisted too?? :)

Sam Freedom said...

It's cute...I'd let him play with it for a little while then give him an ..."ok ok...that's enough..!" and put him onto something less likely to atrophy his brain.