04 September 2005

Free Association 135

LunaNina's latest list
  1. Julie:: I knew a Julie, she was hard work, a bit of an energy vampire; she had a superiority complex so always felt picked on, for correcting people.
  2. Emotional:: Alive
  3. Head of household:: Victorian tosh
  4. Diva:: Starz. Not as bad as Bratz (aka Chavz), but still dolls for little girls to teach them to be fashion conscious, heavily made up and self involved. Yuck.
  5. Devastation:: New Orleans
  6. Business or pleasure:: Customs & Excise
  7. Crown:: jewels - gosh how creative of me; not.
  8. Eastern:: exotic, spicy
  9. Buzzed:: stoned?
  10. Officer:: Copper (policeman)
Yay I did it, now I can pretend I have a routine, hahahahaha.

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