24 September 2005

Science Can Be Fun

An international team at Oxford have been taking jellyfish genes and injecting them into the testicles of innocent hamsters. Result? Glow-in-the-dark hamster spunk.


There is nothing to say whether any progeny have resulted from this or what effect it has on them, but I think any would beat the hell out of those luminous airfix models of The Hulk or Godzilla that used to adorn boys' bedrooms. There must be some, at some stage of development or other, because the whole point of the exercise is to be able to work out how sperm irregularities affect conception. Not the irregularity of being luminous green; obviously.

Strange - when the Simpsons (normally a piercing condemnation of political trends) produced the three-eyed fish (which they then cheerfully ate for lunch - more parody) from the irradiated river waters surrounding Burns' power station, it never occurred to me that somewhere along the Thames, men in white coats with long hypodermics would be contriving something much the same. Even Gremlins II assumed that kind of science would only go on behind closed doors courtesy of a bumbling multimillionaire.


Universal Soldier said...

It's not so much the fact that they wanted to that bothers me - it's emphathising with the poor hamster that's killing me. Let's just hope they used anaesthetic.

Tanda said...


At least their testicles didn't grow tentacles. Remember the mouse with the ear growing in it's back?? Eww!!

Sam Freedom said...

I don't see the big deal. You can get the same effect with a blacklight without having to stab a poor hamster in the balls with a needle.

Where are the animal rights activists when you REALLY need them?


Patt said...

I think my wife tried that on me the hampster thing that is.Thanks for your post yeah we have neds up hear they are brillent to annoy,I love it.