28 September 2005

What's In The Water?

My own mini crises are too inane or personal to go on about. I had a bit of an adrenalin rush all morning at work, and was probably pretty demanding or abrasive (or both!) until I had a good snivel at lunchtime, the one I'd desperately wanted two minutes before work started.
A bit of whimpering can be very therapeutic, like watching a weepy movie it clears more than the sinuses and allows me to think.

After that I noticed what I see Blogzilla has already echoed on her blog (hang on, is that an oxymoron, or does it have another name? How can someone echo something if they get there first?)

I digress.

I noticed that everyone, it seems, is having a crisis of some sort; each one for entirely different reasons. Stress and regret and disappointment are in the air, wherever you look. Or maybe it's something in the water?

Having felt so shitty and ratty, emotionally bruised and unreasonable this morning, fresh from the experience, I find myself alert and empathic to other people's stress.

Cheer up, if you can, because 'issues' are going round like autumn colds or acne in a youth club - everybody's got them just now, and that makes it all somehow more transigent, and, in the melee, less of a glaring difference.

In the meantime, if this relates to you, at all,.... ((((((HUGE HUGS!)))))))


fineartist said...

You too Cheryl, aw, there really is something in the air. I have cried in public three times in the last two weeks. I kept writing it off as my cyclothymia rearing it’s ugly head, and that could be part of it. Then I was thinking, shhhhhh--menopause, but some of my male friends have been blubbering around too. No kidding, they have, okay so one of them is a complete drama king, but the other, he is not, and well, it was alarming to see him just let go. I think he felt much better after though, we all feel much better after.

I rush, run actually, to meet your hug, with a proper hug of my own. We bump heads, squall a little and then sit down and have a smoke. Life is good again. We are all in this together sista.

Ms Mac said...

Hmmmm, I think I may be able to put most of my issues down to hormones today but I think I'll take one of those hugs, if that's ok....

And back atcha!

Ally said...

Me too, please. Disasterous evening, disasterous morning, currently mentally sitting in the wardrobe, eating my own hair.

zilla said...

((((((HUGE HUGS!))))))

Phew! Now that was a proper echo



ME Strauss said...

And ((((((HUGS))))) Right back to you. Kiss Kiss. You're right. In my case, it's big decisions hanging over me that I'd rather not make. But I too have been weepy and looking for distraction.

Now is when those changing places shows on TV start to make sense to me. I could be more detached about someone else's problems.

smiles for you,

ME Strauss said...

PS. I sit here dying to say this.

The problem with PMS is you have it for three weeks. Then you get your period.

Pol said...

I reckon everyone is feeling the lead up to the big eclipse on October 3rd..

I wonder how many people's lives will change dramatically between the solar eclipse on the 3rd and the lunar eclipse on the 17th..

Just remember, whatever happens is happening for a reason and it's a brilliant time to clear the dross out of your life!

Sam Freedom said...

No way! I have no issues! I have no crises! Nada! Zilch! But it wasn't always that way. I prayed for the ultimate solution and because I prayed sincerely with all my heart and soul, it had no choice but to make itself known.

Now, if you think I'm getting religious, you're mistaken.

It's really simple.... just so very difficult. You have to learn there are 2 kinds of suffering - one that makes things better and one that makes things worse.

Best to ya,