29 September 2005

Spiritual Brass Neck Fully Extended

ME Strauss left me a wonderful comment, that we seem to have three weeks of PMS between periods.

Amen, Sister!

This month it could just as well be an acronym for 'pissy men syndrome', as I really don't think this is a gender specific crush we are in at the moment, it seems to be fair shares pretty much all round.

I love recognising a shift in consciousness, don't you? That is, after all, exactly what seems to be going on right now. Too many people are metaphorically revving their engines at a red light, pacing the carpet, feeling tetchy and a little trapped.

Something is going to change - we are molecules of ketchup in a bottleneck and under pressure. The trick, when you have spotted this, is to frantically infuse hope and laughter (and spiritual long sight) into everyone you meet, so that the inevitable explosion gives rise to a sense of freedom and elation, not one of free-falling in panic.

I LOVE that we are all, in our own little ways, having a genuinely shitty time, I love that it's bigger than each of us, that spiritual things are afoot.

I've found the analogy.

We are fireworks, no the specks of dull brown chemicals in a firework. On another level, beyond our consciousness, the fuse has already burned down and the gunpowder has caught. We are in that split second of furnace heat and extreme pressure before we shoot to the sky and transmute into multicoloured sparkles. We may never find out why the fuse was lit, or what the celebration is, but we can still enjoy the ride and our new, glorious colours.

Stop concentrating on the squeeze, if you can, and look at the sky, in joy and anticipation. Oh, and pass the word; find everyone you can who feels trapped; hold their hand and weave them a story of things about to change. Pass the smiles.



Ally said...

That's made me all weepy :).

You are right. I know this. It's very difficult to keep positive though. Personally I think a regime of meditation, red wine and chocolate is the answer :).

Universal Soldier said...

I don't know about a rocket shooting for the stars I feel more like a Catherine Wheel. Can someone please pull the nail out that's holding me to the post?

bart said...

smiles all round, sunshine... we all go though patches of rough weather, but we're all the better for it afterwards even if if feels like shit at that moment...

i appreciated your post, thank you...

fineartist said...

I am sitting here with a big doofy smile on my face as per your instructions. My man thinks I am drunk. Wonderful suggestions, you have the knowing, you do. Lori

ME Strauss said...

It seems such fun that a silly joke that I left as an afterthought would bring you to such great thinking. You are a special one you are and I AM going to get my butt over there to see you before I leave this planet that's a promise.

Meanwhile I'm going to enjoy this skyride with the likes of you and the crew who hang with you.

Thanks for the credit and the link.
You're just encouraging me.

Steve said...

I love the firework analogy, it really rings true with me as sometimes I feel like a damp squib and sometimes the biggest loudest, brightest most colourful rocket i the box.
I can also confirm ( from a male perspective)that its not only women who suffer from that time of the month, I beleive that men also have " a cycle" and have high and low points through the month.
But then they do say "what doesn't kill you makes you stronger"

zilla said...

Very well put, sister. The calls have been coming in, "Jen! What's going ON?" They want to know what wicked planet is responsible this time, as if I'd know anymore.

Clearly the time is ripe for change, and change will do us good. Answering someone's call certainly serves to draw one outside of oneself, doesn't it?

Personally, I love the transitional seasons. Though they often seem to bring a bit of discomfort, there's a lot of anticipation involved.

So, yeah, grab a hand and bust out of the rut.

Great post, Cheryl. Whether it's coping with a distraught child or a distraught humanity, you've got a knack for turning the attitude around.


Cheryl said...

Your regime sounds like a miracle cure - I WANT SOME!

On a nail to a post; on a stick in a milk bottle - not much difference! Hope your nail feels looser today.

As philosophers go, next to you I recognise my L plater

Fine Artist & ME Strauss
(((HUGS!!)) Both of you have just done posts that outshine this one by miles; real smilers.

Agreed!Its not situations that kill us - we kill ourselves; or each other....

Thank you! That coming from a woman (you) with natural far sight, who always has her head screwed on the right way up - thats a real compliment. I think Pol has left a comment on the post below about the Solar Eclipse on Nov 3rd and the Lunar Eclipse on the 17th - double 'change time'.


Pol runs this place: http://www.hostofspirits.com/ (domain hosting) and
http://www.worldwidemediums.com and I am trying to nag her into finding time to run a blog also - so go nag her in her mediums forum!

Cheryl said...

Bart that would be L Plates. Definitely a learner driver next to you.

Pol said...

Oh yeh, like I could ever live up to the standard of your blog woman.

All my entries would consist of erm, er, oh go read chezz's blog will make like far simpler!

Badaunt said...

We're having a shift of SOME kind around here. You would not BELIEVE how much stuff The Man is throwing out. I am seeing floor that I haven't seen for years. Other bits of floor are covered in stuff to be sorted. Every huge cupboard in the house is empty - and Japanese cupboards are enormously deep. He's finding things we haven't seen for fifteen years - and throwing them out.

It looks like something exploded in here. When will it all end?

Robert Sheehy said...

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