10 September 2005

I Love My Husband - He's Nuts

My darling husband has such a skewed but flattering view of reality that its hard not to adore him.

He currently has the re-runs of Cybill pre-selected on the TV as essential viewing.
He has this thing for Christine Baranski, or more specifically for her character Maryann Thorpe.

He has this thing for Maryann Thorpe because that's who he thinks I am. "Look, look! She is SO exactly like you!"

Rich, no. Elegant, no. Permanently with a glass in hand, sadly not. Sarcastic, dismissive, evil minded and up for midnight jaunts to fill bedroom windows with dead fish........................ woah wouldn't I just. Or would I?

But thats what I love; he sees me as the person I secretly always wanted to be but was too plain chicken to let her out to play. Supremely confident, unbreakable, irrepressible and with a heart of gold under the well targeted spikes. Wow.

Some days I realise I'm just plain lucky.


ME Strauss said...

Wow! That's how I see you too.
Maybe you ought to look again.


doris said...

"Supremely confident, unbreakable, irrepressible and with a heart of gold under the well targeted spikes. Wow."

That's the one I see out playing!!!

But not dismissive or evil minded.

Me Strauss is right and maybe you should look again :-)

Cheryl said...

Thank you ladies.
Anyone else wishing to tell me I am all those things,.......please go away.
Have we ALL got that?
Chop chop.

zilla said...

Ha! Chop chop, indeed.

What struck me was that what you posted here seemed almost in opposition to what you mentioned in your response to my five questions. Almost, not precisely. Maybe you two could have a fun night on the town -- as long as you avoid the fairgrounds? Your man no longer sounds as uptight as your previous remarks lead me to believe he might be.

Anyway. Lovely post, Cheryl.

Next time you're feeling the urge to take aim with those spikes, set me up.

Tanda said...

I love a good love story!

Cheers to you two.

fineartist said...

Oh my gosh Cheryl, my man is constantly telling me that I am the chick on some detective show…lemme see, oh yea, CSI. When he and my son watch it, he will say, “Look there’s mom, there she is.” The big old dork. I can relate.

I think your man knows you, and I suspect that HE thinks he is pretty lucky too.

Cheryl said...

Unless he personally relates to Doctor Dick...........

Cheryl said...

Umm, Fineartist:

Sarah Sidle the theoretical physicist/business superbrain rebellious child of hippies, or

Cathering Willows, the horseriding rock chick/exotic dancer, rebellious child of ranch owners?


fineartist said...

Heeehehehehe, both, I want to be both.