14 September 2005

Newsy Bits

If you want to put someone off collagen implants, read this [THANKS TO BADAUNT THIS LINK WORKS NOW]

If you could handle it if your kid's younger half brother was also his/her uncle (yuck) read this

If you have no faith in what effluent is doing to Florida, see this.
(Hang on, wasnt he the baddy in Aqua Marina? Doh, sorry, I mean Stingray. I didnt much care for the boat-sub-thingy, I wanted to be Marina and used to cry when the song came on - so sad! I wonder what happened to Troy Tempest........)

Finally: Microwave ovens came about because a guy cleaning the front of a radar dish found the experience melted the bar of chocolate in his back pocket. Hmm; I wonder how his kidneys are, these days. Plenty of people get pressure headaches when theres a storm on the way in, or nearing electricity power stations. Perhaps the microwaved chocolate is the most relevant, but why are some people even bothering to try and refute this?

Yeah OK its not a proper post, but I need to convince the search engines that I'm still alive or my page rank goes down. Hic sob (big deal!)


Ally said...

It reads like a proper post :).

fineartist said...

WoW, technological stress, well, that explains it all away do’n it?

That’s it, I am moving to a tree house, oh wait, power lines….okay, maybe a cave.

Interesting stuff Cher, thanks.

jane said...

gosh, i couldnt figure out that child's uncle's/step brother stuff til i read it. my ex-father in law peed his pants when he got drunk, not the type i'd want to marry. haha

whats this about search engines & rankings woman? huh?

did you hear about the 22 year old guy in nebraska that was arrested for marrying & having a child with a 14 year old. they got married in kansas where minor marriages are allowed with parent consent. well, nebraska is charging him & he faces up to 50 years now! http://lawprofessors.typepad.com/family_law/2005/09/22yearold_mans_.html

zilla said...

Well. "Erm."

My current father inlaw passed a few years ago. My previous father inlaw is still happily married.

I FEEL SO RELIEVED not to have to think about marrying either of them!


Ew! Ew!

Cheryl, is this the "mad" in "Mad Baggage!?"


Friday's coming!

Le laquet said...

Marrying your father-in-law? I have this mental of image of three-fingered banjo players and I'm hearing that music from Deliverance! I echo 'zilla's ew - ach y fi (as we'd spit in Wales)!!

Cheryl said...

My mam wd say a sort of gudge word in there - I cant spell it of course, but the family version of 'yuck' is ach gudge y fi.
So, since you know these things, how would I spell it and what does it mean?

Ms Mac said...

Are there really not enough people left in the world that there are folks now marrying their inlaws? This reminds me of a family I once heard about in Australia where one man had been married to and had children with a series of sisters. Blimey, get down the pub people, meet some new people!!!

Le laquet said...

ach gyda fi? Perhaps? Ach y fi means - yuk! Ach gyda fi would kind of mean - join in with me in disliking it! And just remember to clear your throat on the ach *winks*

Cheryl said...

Yup us girls with any welsh connections had it easy in first year German at school - Ich was so easy while others were stuck sayin Ick. German is further forward in the mouth, easier, even, so that was funny. I'd forgotten that!

Blimey, now I have to type a verifiaction word to comment on my own blog. Doh!

ME Strauss said...

I'm sorry. I missed that one about watching my little sister getting eaten by wild hogs. Is that coning around again? I don't have a little sister, but I'm hoping to adopt one.

evil grin,

Badaunt said...


Oh, and by the way, the Guardian link has an unnecessary 'v' at the end of it that might explain the lack of comments about that one - it takes you to 'page not found'. Being exceptionally clever, however, I figured it out. :-)