19 September 2005

Free Association 137

LunaNina's list has somehow failed to send me off on little imaginative trips this week. Be grateful.

1. Less filling:: more bread
2. Glue:: ear
3. Surprise me:: sarcastic
4. Model:: aeroplane
5. Fee::rates
6. Microphone:: 1 2 3 testing
7. Choices:: options
8. To the bone:: worked my fingers.....
9. Run!:: In these shoes?
10. Appeal:: procedure


Steve said...

9)just has to be my fav, you can tell high heels were a male invention lol

Sam Freedom said...

Less filling:: Tastes Great
Glue:: sniff
Surprise me:: lingerie
Model:: cheryl teagues
Fee:: Maca
Microphone:: testing 1 2
Choices:: a woman's right to choose
To the bone:: ugly
Run!:: bear
Appeal:: judge


Cheryl said...

Steve - revel in your fetish.
Sam - Choices - interesting. All things being equal, the right to choose should be equal, but I guess choice falls to the one that does the work. Roll on equality - for both our sakes.

Sam Freedom said...

If you were a doctor, and a woman came in who said, "We found out our baby is going to have brown eyes and we wanted her to have blue eyes. We want an abortion."

What would you say, or do?


Le laquet said...

1 2 3 teting - why can't they ever think of anything more interesting to say?

Cheryl said...

le lacquet - LOL!!!
Sam - touche - I would say "WTF? How did I end up in America?" (since you asked.) Can we stop this?

zilla said...

Glue:: Ear?

Cheryl, I'm concerned about your subconscious.

Does Sam have a crush on you? He can't seem to get enough...

Sam Freedom said...

le lacque, we weren't supposed to think. We were just suppposed to react, so at least, it seems, we weren't cheating.

Cheryl, yes, and welcome to America.

And Zilla, no, I just can't stop hearing the words, "No! Wire! Hangers! EVERRRRRRRRR!"