11 September 2005

Mine, all mIne.............

I love slogan T-shirts.

They don't seem to go down a bomb in Sussex, so I tend to love them from a distance. We are not exactly suffocating under the twin set and pearls brigade here, but this area still has an air of superglued class, like a town full of failed newsreaders and ex-headmistresses. Just a touch too much tweed, perhaps, and a subtle lack of individuality. Standards-By-Sea, that's this place.

Anyhow, such an environment can make you think some ideas are plain silly, but dear ME Strauss echoed exactly what I had been mulling after my last post, so I am in the process of setting up a cafe press shop.

Its going to be called Menopausal Maniac.

Slogans so far are:

Don't push it.
I can plead insanity.


OK Sh*t Happens
but did you have to make it an art form?

I've worked out how to save files as PNGs and am looking for suitable free clipart to tart up / individualise amongst my old CDs.

You didn't really want to know that did you? Tough, because this blog has a form of copyright on it, so I have just baggsied my little creations, (at least the phrases if not the layout, font choice etc. Yet.)

They're mine, I tell you, mine, Gladys, all mine! Muahahahaha!


I am NOT a mad cow
(cows don't have guns.)

Look On The Bright Side
Remember PMS or PMT, PTSD and PND?
Well this is just them, but for longer
(about five years.)


Universal Soldier said...

The one thing I have never quite worked out about slogans on T-shirts is how, as a man, can you read the slogan properly without feeling guilty about staring at some woman's chest. Sometimes the writing is very small and you really have to stare hard........honest.

Cheryl said...

Sometimes thats quite deliberate too ;-)

jane said...

lol cheryl, do YOU think of all these by yourself? i love the 1st one & i don't have to wait til menopause to use that one! but when it does arrive, i can plead it TWICE! ha

Le laquet said...

Excellent! I like the mad cow one - just enough there to unsettle the tweedies!!

Anonymous said...

HAHAHA You cracked me up! (I'm heading into menopause armed with antidepressants, towels and a case of soya milk, but the gun one was my favourite)

ME Strauss said...

Have you seen the t-shirts that have a colorful picture that is scribbled all over it with a black crayon and in very shaky letters it says *Don't Drink and Draw?*


Dan said...

Mt favourite t-shirt logo reads:

Bother, said Pooh, as he hid Piglet's corpse.

Lightning Bug's Butt said...

Don't push it.
I can plead insanity.

That is good.

But yours is great:

I am NOT a mad cow
(cows don't have guns).

Make the tee shirt; make a fortune!

Lightning Bug's Butt said...

Just ask Blog Ho, Cheryl. That guy's moving tee shirts like co-eds at Mardi Gras.

Cheryl said...

Hmm Thanks LBB
I suspect I don't really have to ask him - with roughly 40 comments to every post and over 200 links on Technorati.
It could just be because he has a very popular blog!

Ally said...

Wonderful idea. We've just had our own company t-shirts made up and it didn't cost *nearly* as much as I expected. I'm now planning personalised ones for all my friends and family for christmas :).

Shannon said...

Cheryl I love those slogans! Let me know when you do the t's, I'll be one of the first in line!

Astryngia said...

I think you just started a new work-at-home business!! I'll have the last one, please! It's rather long but there's a lot of me to cover (another downside of the menopause!). ;-)

TotalChaos said...

Actually there is a song named: Cows have Guns, but I can't recall who did it off hand. :)