01 September 2005


Got this by email, couldn't resist.

Manchester Utd Shirt £50

PC with Webcam and internet £600

Getting caught by your dad, giving someone an eye full, priceless.........


FOR INFO: I traced this back to the hosting company, which is French. I BELIEVE it says nothing can be uploaded there unless the person has full rights to publicise it. If anyone speaks good French - could you double check for me? Just in case the girl now wants to murder the guy she flashed.....................


Weird Bloke said...

*lol* thats good stuff! by the way: i know its not the right place, but you welcomed me in my own blogsite, and i'm now wondering how to add / display a HEADLINE to my blog messages...could gimme a hint on that? As ya know...I'm new to it all ;) Thank you in advance,

Ally said...

Oh my goodness. I think that's worse than being caught by the headmaster after hours at school in the sixth form studies in a quite compromising position with your boyfriend. Not that that ever happened to me. Oh no.

In answer to your question on my tick-post re the injection - his shoulder. Bless :). And you can laugh all you want. I haven't even got to the Bladder Infection Story yet :).

Ms Mac said...

Oh my! How hideously embarrassing! I particularly like the way Dad looked out of the window after he caught her, was obviously just as awful a moment for him as for her!

ME Strauss said...

Hi Cheryl,
I do so love your sense of humor. It kick starts my day. If I had time I'd write some ridiculous story and use that as the ending.

Meanwhile, I'm finding out that more and more people don't know this. It may only work in IE, but if you right click on any web page there is a menu with an option to translate any page into English. It's an automated translation, but it's helpful. In this case all that text says is how to use the links.


Universal Soldier said...

Ha Ha