13 September 2005


Sorry I havent posted since Sunday, nor commented. I haven't even got round to reading half the blogs I love (and used to pop in to visit twice a day when there was more time).

Its just this new job. I'm knackered.


Universal Soldier said...

Go wi-fi then you check blogs between serving the little darlings...........

Ally said...

You are excused!

I don't know whether you'll think it's a positive or a negative, but I always find it takes me about three months before I start to find my feet and lose that exhausted feeling. I think it's all the new thinking as well as the new 'doing' that new jobs need that takes it out of you.

I prescribe tea and cake ... . Take care x

bart said...

hey, don't worry your good self... our real lives seem to complicate our virtual ones all too often and its a real cramp ;-)

I've been away myself, or out of things for a while as well and only just picking up again... glad you dropped in this evening, missed you... keep well and sleep well :D

Shannon said...

Don't worry your head Cheryl, we'll still be here for you. Consider us a respite from reality! lol

Many hugs to ya and don't forget to utilize your clown any time you need to ;)

It always works for me!

doris said...

Just do it when you can! I know that I do a mega blog trawl and then feel bad 2 days later because I haven't visited or commented on any of my fav blogs.... and so do it all over again.

Take it easy :-)

zilla said...

Hate me? ME? Ouch!

I rather like Jamie Lee Curtis. I think she's a bit wilder than I am though.

I've missed your thrice daily updates, but I understand. The demands of work can be such a constraint on the more important things in life.

Knackered! I love that word. Another I love is "wobbly." I heard it at a Christmas party years ago. As in, "If little Henrietta doesn't get first choice, she'll go all wobbly, and we don't want that!"

Feel better. The weekend's coming!

I'm working up the courage to post a picture of my feet. "If you show me I'll show you?" I adore feet but I have caveman feet.

Maybe we can lure Lori into posting a foot-shot, too?

fineartist said...

Cheryl, as you can see from the comments we all understand, and we all look forward to the time when you are able to post more frequently. It will happen, just as Ally said, it usually takes all of us awhile to get acclimated to a new job situation. I have been doing what I do for years and every fall I still play catch up and acclimate. What is wrong with ME? I suck.

‘Zilla, ‘Zilla, ‘Zilla, I have been told ad naseum that my feet look just like Fred Flintstones’. They are absolutely disgusting, but if you post yours, and Cheryl posts hers…..well, it looks like I will then be forced to foist my crusty, awful feet on the public via my blog, bunions, calluses and all. I will, however, be wearing a toe ring, gotta dress ‘em up somehow.

jane said...

don't worry cheryl, i felt the same way about reading others' blogs. and you have a legitimate excuse!
gosh, if i were a millionaire, you wouldn't have to work. i hope it becomes easier for you. they are nice to you, right? if not, i'll fly over there on my broom & go bipolar on their asses!

Annie said...

I'm blogless right now - still trying to come up with a title. Incidentally, being too lazy to type your URL into the address bar I did a search on http://uk.yahoo.com/ and you are number 1 for 'mad baggage'. Real life does intrude a bit sometimes doesn't it? Seriously, hope the job is going well.

Tanda said...

Just don't forget to eat well and sleep as much as your time will afford, sweets.

Milt Bogs said...

I now have the number for the knacker's yard.