11 September 2005

Free Association 136

LunaNina's list for this week, done today straight after breakfast. I wonder if that makes my answers less thoughtful (cos heck, I aint awake yet) or more incisive. Hmm. Or both.

  1. Related:: associated, linked. Funny I thought of issues rather than items or people.
  2. Soothing:: rocking a baby back to sleep, or aftersun lotion
  3. Flashback:: ....To the days when the nights were young...
  4. Turmoil:: mud stirred up
  5. Immense:: huge
  6. Guitar:: Gently weeps. Its gonna be a lyrics day.
  7. Nonsense:: Edward Lear, Spike Milligan; fun.
  8. Blame:: Horrible stuff - being pigeonholed as the defective element. We all hate 'blame' especially in public, so we all look to see who should take the blame, we are quite forthright about it because finding the guilty party makes us feel more secure and free from suspicion. "I hope you know that was all YOUR fault". Its as pervasive as physical abuse - it is mental abuse and one of those ways that we habitually and easily do unto others so it isnt done unto us. Wrong wrong wrong wrong.
  9. Childlike:: fun to be around. Different from childish.
  10. Duff:: Homer's beer


Le laquet said...

I found today's words quite hard as I do prefer to give one word answers - but that wasn't happening at all!
A friend of my parents (Frances - lovely lady, a complete scream!) used to be Spike Milligan's secretary - must have been quite a job eh, but apparently quite a hard chap to work for ... I worded that very carefully, not quite what she says!

Cheryl said...

Even without being manic depressive there must have been a sense that the world had it all horribly wrong, if every single thing you said was hailed as a masterpiece - I can imagine even without extra pressures he would have gone from extreme highs to extreme um, agitation.
Wow give Frances a hug for me, I bet she became about the best secretary in the world - with proof of every single job she was and wasnt given and what became of it when. Ouch.
Off to check your blog!