08 September 2005

Technical Help?

Theres a bloody pop-up attached to my blog.

I didn't put it there.
I don't know how it got there.
I DON'T WANT it there,
but I don't know how to get rid of it.

I really detest this piggybacking abuse - any ideas, please pretty please?


doris said...

I have a pop-up blocker which, at the moment, is making it impossible for me to see the pop-up and therefore the coding behind it which might give an indication of its origin.

Piggy-backing is about the right term as it must be connected to something you already had on the page as you haven't added anything new.

Stating the obvious, it would have to be connected to either an image on a third party server or else a javascript such as those for Technorati or Truth Laid Bare but I can't believe either of these would knowingly jeopardise their positions with tacky pop-ups. Nor Telecom +.

Karen, now at My Life, changed blogs in order to get away from the pop-ups. Which is pretty drastic but just goes to show that was not a one-off.

I'll do a bit of web research and see what crops up and will let you know.

jane said...

i have seen a popup before on your blog, but not today. did you find a way to get rid of it?

Le laquet said...

I have one too - yahoo toolbar pop-up blocker seems to be stopping it! Where do they come from and how do they know to attach themselves to you??

doris said...

I read somewhere that Flash animations can have links to javascript pop-ups embedded but as you haven't any Flash on your page....

I couldn't find much out there in cyberspace about this. I think it is 3rd party advertising to do with one of the javascript links on your site... but it is hard to know just which one especially as it plays cat and mouse and I think it only shows up if I haven't been on your blog for a certain amount of time - maybe twelve hours?

My guess, is that it is attached to one of the traffic counters because I still assume that neither Technorati nor Truth Laid bare would allow such activities.

I looked at Karen's old Blog - with the pop-ups - but she was running a different counter.

And of course it could be Blogger/Google itself but this is also unlikely.

Normally I would suggest taking off the counters one at a time but as it is hard to get the pop-ups when you want to check them then this is not a useful way forward.

I would very much like to know.... like picking a spot until it is totally expunged of its crud.... I want to know what causes these pop-ups because I think it is a bleedin' cheek and can affect your membership of some blog activities that say "No pop-ups"!

Ally said...

Doris, does it come back every time if you completely clean your cache of cookies before you visit?