22 September 2005

Hurricane Rita

As Rita approaches Texas, I just wanted to say good luck and send my best wishes to everybody affected.

For the New Orleans refugees - I can't imagine anything worse than being evacuated twice.

For the rest - thank God for the lessons of Katrina - I pray they have all been learned and that those that need help to evacuate are getting it.

Nothing would be lovelier than for Rita to bump the coast and dissipate like a damp squib.

Fingers, toes and everything else crossed.


bart said...

hey cheryl, thanks here for the thoughtful post, a lot's going on a the moment and nobody's waiting for it really...

keep well...

Sam Freedom said...

Hi Cheryl,

Thanks for the good wishes. There's no friends better than you Brits.

I'd like to add a small, but profound point. The lessons of Katrina gave the world a very bad impression of U.S. readiness for such events. A lot of people will think, rightly so, that if Texas does a good job at prevention, and emergency response that it will mean at least 1 of 2 things:

1) George Bush is racist for handling things more quickly and better than with Lousianna. Not that he just learned from his and others mistakes, and

2) That Texas only handled it well because they were on high alert from the lessons of Lousianna.

The truth is that no two states are completely alike. Despite border troubles, Texas is just a whole different world than Lousianna. They are well-equipped to know what is the right thing and to do it. That isn't to say that they won't experience a period of overwhelm, but they won't suffer any of the fiascos as to who is responsible for what and when and all the nasty "jazz" that went on in New Orleans after the fact.

Anyways, thank again. I wrote a short article on why people tell you to donate or help AFTER, but rarely do they OFFER help BEFORE a disaster. In short, it's easier to make post-disaster suggestions than it is to offer pre-disaster assistance.

A Little Advice BEFORE Hurricane Rita Hits

Thanks. If you want a link back or want me to remove this, just say so and I'll repost without the link.


Cheryl said...

Hey Sam
I don't normally take links but for this subject I will make an exception.
Besides, because your blog title is about marketing and your header includes a huge advert, I had never scrolled down far enough to see that you actually make regular posts on other matters, so double handy.