07 September 2005

Stupid Idea aka SI#1

I get these silly ideas. I mull them around and then forget them. This is one such - but its MY stupid idea - no theft, in case it makes me rich and famous.

Saw a programme about a big BDSM nightclub and one girl was topless with a black tape in an X across each nipple. So now I want to do a one off comedy about a girl trying to find a man in a new town, the scene is one of overt sexuality/nightclubs.

The big joke (tanaa this is it girls) is inverted nipples. So she eventually goes to the naughty nightclub with tape across her boobs like a modesty thing, but gets talked into padding the tape out with a pair of toothpaste lids so she can pretend she has a pair of doorknobs really. Thats it. Thats the whole scenario with possible outcomes, that is going through my mind.

1. smaller tendons - hers will still be perky when her friend's are dragging down (add hand actions on dooooown)
1a. ... but firing blanks, minus warheads, insert wisecrack about topless-topless here, nipple ring jokes, heck a whole episode on piercings.
2. jealousy of black women's nipples - discussion: how its not the black men that have larger knobs than the white, but the women have huge nipples - 'I've seen a penis smaller than her left raspberry' etc
3. man feeling chest - are you wearing nipple clamps UNDER tape? kinky
4. man tweaks nipple and pulls it off (never saw that one coming did you - groan)

Shame I don't know how to write or pitch a script, isn't it. From what I've seen of the US abc channel (now inflicted here too), thats enough of a premise to build a six part series. Ellen meets Cybill meets Will & Grace?

Yeah, right.


Ms Mac said...

oh, you could so sell that! We've been subjected to far worse! ;-)

Steve said...

Move away from the coffee cup.....You seem to have had enough caffiene for today already.
In the world today you wouldnt be allowed to make that sitcom/pervecom, as, in our insanely politically correct world people with Inverted Nipples are probably classed as a minority and so are protected from persecution, which includes taking the piss in tv comedy.Although you could probably get a grant from the lotery fund to set up a help group.

Steve said...

P.S Jamie Oliver told me to ask what was for lunch at school today?

Cheryl said...

See that spam I got about Amazon - first post in these comments?
Well if you right click and copy the link it says it goes to a page of abcwealthbuilder.com.

So, (according to a Who Is) I now know exactly who spammed me because the site is owned by:

DD & Associates
Donald J Duhon (ddassociates@donaldjduhon.com)
Fax: 916-934-0788
2808 Queen Elaine Court
El Dorado Hills, California 95762

Why not pop over and tell him just how you feel about comment spammers? I'm sure he'd love to know.

zilla said...


Do you know about the word verification filter in settings? It works pretty well.

Beanpole's mum has pierced nipples. Is that a BDSM thing? Should I worry?

What's a pinny? (Ameritard, that's me)

Tanda said...

Cheryl, you're a hoot! Love the toothpaste top idea, lol!!