24 September 2005

Role Models

I allowed my nine year old to wear eyeliner and mascara to the school disco. This had quite a strong effect as she has blonde hair and brown eyes.

She was very pleased with the end result. Sorry its such a bad picture. What never ceases to please me is her choice of role model, the woman she has accredited with ultimate cool and to be emulated as far as possible.

"Mummy...................do I look like Avril Lavigne?"

Yes! Score: gutsy broads, one; bimbos nil.


zilla said...

Oh, she is adorable, from head to toe. And check out that radiant smile! When do we get the details? What happened? Did she have a fabulous time?

zilla said...

I had to say hi again because it was bothering me that "1 Nice people said hi. I need agreement in my world.

I knew you'd understand.

fineartist said...

I have to agree with Z, that is a beautiful smile of happiness.

Love the outfit, with that girly girl shirt and groovy little neo hippy flower skirt.

She radiates cool, just like Avril.

I think that Avril, skater girl is edgy as heck, I like her too.

ME Strauss said...

Avril (and now your daughter) is my hero! I wish there were someone like her around when we were growing up. I think your daughter looks gorgeous and shows the sense of her mother. Not a bad combination if you ask me.

ella m. said...

Avril still did the cover of Maxim, lounging around half naked like all of the pop tarts, I'd reserve the score point on the gutsy broads scale. The bimbo verdict might still apply, only time will tell.

However your daughter looks adorable and very happy. :)