31 July 2005

Bombers found in Brighton?

There was an announcement today that following raids on the South Coast, six more arrests were made - believed to be at two addresses in Brighton.

Well that makes perfect sense.

Waiting to blow yourself up and enjoy 72 virgins or whatever it is, of course you would want to spend the wait not immersing yourself in religious fervour, but a mere train ride from London, somewhere with a nudist beach, ice cream, lots of slot machines and alcohol and the country's biggest gay population.

Speaks volumes. Makes you wonder if the virgins are supposed to do the washing up.

Story updated here


Anonymous said...

Kind of makes you wonder why more people don't just stop and enjoy the ice cream, huh? As in, instead of plotting evil deeds, rather than on the way?

(p.s. new name - mystic housewife remains the same)

jane said...

I can't believe how fast they are making arrest there. I wish they'd come to the U.S.A. and teach our forces what to look for & who to arrest.

Milt Bogs said...

At least the Brighton police didn't use tasers or bullets. Perhaps they just told the suspects to strip to the waist and drop their pants.