25 July 2005

That Tickle Your Fancy?

According to the Chicago Sun Times today, police in Florida are once again on the lookout for a man with a very unusual obsession.

Okay, so there are plenty of sites on the web for foot fetishists (none of the feet look like this: but then at least this shot doesn't have other naked parts, cheap nylon bra sets and lots of eye rolling and tongue lolling going on.)

The Smyrna Beach Tickler, however, has a tendency to break into people's homes to tickle their feet while they sleep. His victims are single females over the age of 60, and he likes to perform naked. Oh, and he's been getting away with it, on and off, for four years now.

Didn't we have a guy in the UK a few years back, who was arrested for trying to make love to paving stones?

Right, whatever grabs your fancy. Just be a good boy and do it in private.


Ally said...

Thanks. Mental note to self: don't eat whilst checking Cheryl's blog.



ella m. said...

I could leave an involved comment on this, but it reveals a knowledge of the mechanism and spectrum of various fetish communities that I generally keep to myself. :D

That said, that picture is enough to keep me paying out for pedicures for the rest of my natural life.

doris said...

Urgh! I just finished eating.... and came back to start leaving messages. Was going to start with the older posts I had missed first but evidentally can't. May have to go lay down again. This takes article illustration to the extreme!!!

Milt Bogs said...

I think you just posted the most objectionable jpg ever. Cheryl, that is totally gross!

Cheryl said...

I'd give that honour to number 38 on the list below (The urban legend gallery), the breast infection. Its one of the false stories, but still, I am having flashbacks from that - seriously yikky.

arrazello said...

Invoked involuntary gag reflex.

dog1net said...

Gee, if my toes looked like that in the morning, my cat would be looking for a new owner. Either way I'm glad I wasn't eating when I saw that photo, otherwise I might have given my cat a turn with the paper towels to clean up a rug pizza made just for it.

The Guru said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA a naked man running into old ladies bedrooms in the middle of the night to tickle their feet. Does anyone else not find this hilarious!?

And he gets away with it? I spose it's worth a try then...