11 July 2005

Free Association 127

Inside my head this hot and muggy morning (courtesy of LunaNina):
  1. Do-it-yourself:: everything
  2. Pickpocket:: tea-leaf*
  3. Ballet:: discipline
  4. Resumé:: American for CV
  5. Phenom: Doh? Gotta look that up. Oh right. Its slang for being a phenomenal person. Erm, me.
  6. Love/Hate:: unstable - who switches that fast?
  7. Unusual:: peace and quiet
  8. Intense:: usual
  9. Interruption:: usual
  10. Not enough:: time, hope, love, money, common sense in the world.
* Thats cockney rhyming slang for thief, as in "The only time Shepherd's Bush Market aint crawlin' with tea leaves is pension day, cos they know there's bugger all worth taxing."

What I like best about this is going round seeing what words others chose - its illuminating.


Ally said...

Talking of cockney rhyming slang, I have been trying to teach Polish Lodger 'pony and trap', in the hope that he will use it in some startlingly inappropriate context.

I realise I am probably going to hell, possibly one populated with Pearly Kings and Queens, but I couldn't stop myself. Honest guvn'r.

Bernadette said...

Can't think,
Brain dumb.
Won't come.
Poor ink,
Bum pen.
Best wishes,

Bernadette said...

Rubbish...inspiration, that is.