14 July 2005

Found Something to Collect!

Ally has a great post today - she collects beautiful novelty teapots and got me thinking that it really is high time that I found something to collect.

Most women aren't natural collectors (in the same way that we are not natural train spotters or observers of car engines) but if theres something you like then a lot of relatives breathe a collective sigh of relief at no longer having to wonder what you'd like for Christmas, Birthdays etc.

Been over to Jane Loves Tarzan too - Jane posted a joke today, a real classic and definitely one to remember. Very funny.

She also had a handy link to Buckaroos funny pictures.

These aren't from there.

These are from a linked site I found at Buckaroos - AllPosters.com - so brilliant, they are even based in the UK! No ordering in dollars or waiting for weeks.

As is the way with things I like they are not actually posters at all, but fridge magnets - which suits me fine. Bingo, I have a 'thing' to collect and am jolly happy these arent the cutesy type, nor the ghastly inspirational type that like to masquerade as 'funny' and proliferate all over gift shops.

I spent ages once, determined to buy a coffee mug from IWantOneOfThose, because it had a smiling fifties lady and the phrase "I am having my period and am therefore legally allowed to murder you".

I wanted it for work, which shows how crass and inappropriate I can be, and probably, to my regret, why I never bought it.

Just one more because I am finding these irresistible:


doris said...


About those collections ... I don't but people get it in their minds that I do... so my mother keeps getting me Betty Boop stuff. Now I love the two items I have chosen and bought myself. That was all I wanted but now I have about 20 ridiculous little things with the Betty Boop motif on... of course I was nice and made a nice thing of displaying them but they do nothing for me except need dusting. And then my brother decided I collected hippopotamuses and they kept appearing on my PC monitor, around my monitor, under my monitor. When we moved they disappeared thank goodness!

You're safer with the fridge magnets.

Orikinla Osinachi. said...

Me too!

Shelly said...

I've always been a collector, take after my father, tho my mother collected bells (she had some nice china ones) and figurines. I collect postcards, dollhouse miniatures, books, knicknacks, comic books, and a lot of other things.

Most of my female friends collect things, too, but many don't think of themselves as collectors. They just happen to have a lot of antiques or salt and pepper shakers or dolls or.... :)

jane said...

hahaha that big dick one made me laugh out loud! I'm glad you liked the joke. I love crass sayings like the pms one you mentioned. There is a site online that has buttons for your blogsite & many are along that line. If my memory still worked, I could tell you what it was, but that's a hopeless cause. :(

Steve said...

I know what Doris means I like Disneys Tigger but I dont want to own every item with his picture on it or with a reference to him.But my kids are now convinced that they have failed if they cant come up with another Tigger item for Christmas, Birthdays & Fathers day and of course when you open it your reaction has to be as if someone has given you the keys to the bank of england and a blank withdrawral slip.
I must be one of the only (straight) men with a collection of more than 200 pieces of Tiggerobelia.

Steve said...

P.S I dont remember you asking could you quote my mantra before you posted it with that picture of an imposter.

anniebee said...

I think Jane could be thinking of www.internetbumperstickers.com - very cool. I have collected:
Chalet School Books, cat ornaments, dolphin ornaments, keyrings, fridge magnets, teddy bears, old china, and more. I'm not actively collecting anything at the moment, apart from ailments - lol! Love those pictures.