26 July 2005

Blah Blah Blah

01 Oct 2006 - just found out that theres a link to this post from a restricted page on jossmer.co.uk. For the sake of anyone following that link, all of the information in this post is completely out of date.

I hesitate to write about my life these days, on account of not having one, but being devoid of adult input etc also makes me very short on witty observations.

The kids broke up for the summer holidays on Friday, Gary came home from his training course on the same day, and the dreaded Mother in Law visited on Sunday. Saturday was all laundry and shopping, so Sunday morning was a bit crazy. Our bedroom is now a mini-minefield, with lots of carrier bags all making me feel guilty, but the rest of the house is eerily and abnormally spotless.

I ought to sort bags - they are piled in order of importance, but today I took a break to feel vacant and lost. When you live with metaphorical sirens going off all the time, always in crisis mode, then being vaguely organised is scary, its like a disaster vacuum. I succumbed to total vacancy.

I have some development tapes I could have listened to were it not for the kids, who I would have taken out instead, were it not for the rain. I could have done some more laundry, but somehow I couldn't raise the be-bothered.

I NEED only six more customers for my Telecom Plus business so my plan of action tomorrow is to be straight with relatives (all at least 100 miles away) write to them, enclose the glossy brochure which pretty much duplicates the website in my side bar, and forcibly point out that the mobile phone rental can be as little as £8 a month (thats if you have a phone already and just change the sim card) and on one tarriff it costs only 8p a minute to phone any mobile or regular landline / house phone in the UK, and 7p per text. Then do the written version of standing and staring at them impassively until they succumb either to the great deal or the grating dealer.

I should add - this post certainly isn't a sales push - my goal in life is not to become a house bound customer care rep' and I don't want to be swamped with customers because then you can't look after them all properly, but a happy medium would be nice. I need six, I could probably cope with twelve, for now. Lets start with finding that six.

Its such a great company to be with, but you could sign up a million distributors and not see a penny (have I said this before?) - the only way to earn is to get customers and keep them as happy customers, then you earn a tiny portion of their bill each month. If a customer disappears, so does the income.

I guess its a good way to keep distributors representing the company properly. I am just very aware that other distributors (with assets like time, support and a car) are out there leafletting houses or running stalls at all the summer fetes. Hic , sob.

So, today zombie-like indifference, tomorrow familial blackmail. Not so much a blog post as a space filler, huh.

Don't say I didn't warn you in the very first sentence.


doris said...

Good for you - I think you put it over really well so go for it! And if I wasn't already sorted at the moment could I click on your Telecom link and get more info and sign up?

Don't forget, you are not grovelling to your relatives, simply sharing and then a simple little twisted arm until they sign up wouldn't go amiss!!

I know what you mean about the carrier bag thing when someone goes away. LOL

My son is away at camp and he got the chance to phone me last night on the mobile of his group leader (an adult), except that some kid, that I know, was playing up right next to him and disturbing him from the phone and I couldn't hear a thing. My son was trying to tell the kid to go away.... I so want to pulverise that kid for his rudeness when he gets back. Grrr.

Ally said...

I would swap to you, but we're with them already - apart from mobiles. We had mobiles with them for years and it worked really, really well; but they didn't do the nifty model I (in my techno-geek obsessive way) wanted, so we swapped to T-Mobile a few months ago and although I LURVE my new handset, I don't think I'm liking either their pricing structure or the 'confusing billing strategy' very much.

I'll take a breath now :).

I should be doing my development CDs, too. But I'm not. Yay!

Cheryl said...

Dear Doris
Yes sign up can be online. They do a tarriff where mobiles on the same system can talk for up to fifteen minutes at a time, free. You get close to the 15, you just ring off and call back. Never costs a penny over the line rental (unless you phone other networks). Some parents get a freephone number, just for the kids, so they can call from a payphone or someone elses mobile, no matter what.

Dear Ally
Thats so NICE of you! Yes it does seem that once people sign up with them, they tend to stay. Got any jealous friends? LOL.

bulb said...

I don't have a mobile phone. I hate mobile phones. I hate people with mobile phones. (Well.... I don't know anybody who doesn't own at least one, so I more or less hate everybody.)
Why in the world would people want to be "accessible" wherever they are?
If you want to call me. Fine! Wait till I am home. (And I don't have an answering machine either.)

Cheryl said...

Eeeh Bulb thats a lovely offer, and you're a strapping lad, but I am happily married.
They say that women peak sexually at around 33. I question that, as the stats have to be gathered in the light of male partners being on the downward slide. Me, I'm still peaking and I wouldnt want to scare you or damage you psychologically.
Gosh - I feel all holy now - thats my good deed for the day!

Ally said...

Bulb, you sound like my mother:

"But I don't WANT people to be able to call me, dear. I want them to STOP so I can get on with everything I need to do!".


Cheryl, you are truly a good woman :).

bulb said...

Cheryl, I didn't mean..... I ..... no you got it wrong.... I..... I.....

Badaunt said...

But... but... Cheryl, I thought it was 37? (And 19 for guys.)

(Do you do temporary rentals? Do they work in other countries in Europe?)