15 July 2005


Girl 1: Hows yer love life?
Girl 2: Dumped him.
Girl 1: ?
Girl 2: We were at the cinema, right, getting friendly, right, and he put my hand in his lap and said that was all he'd got.
Girl 1: That small, huh?
Girl 2: Well it werent a superking, but I know for a fact the b****rd had another 20 in his back pocket

And now you know why I don't tell jokes :-)


doris said...

Ha-ha! Is that ad for real?

bulb said...

ehm...... I dont get it.

Milt Bogs said...

I'm told that if you splash Obsession down there it stings like mad. No wonder the poor guy's letting some air in. He may just be looking for his pet ferret. I can't believe it's anything to do with cigarettes.

jane said...

you've left me wondering

franchini said...

Definitely grounds for dumping! Hi, Michele sent me.

Storm Trooper said...

Nice try - I know about your little scam...get a life~!

Cheryl said...

Hi superman
Very very odd comment - to go with your odd blog which I have now checked out.
Erm, pardon me but, do what?

doris said...

Superman has left odd messages on just about every blog on the blogosphere. It is awful of me but I juat haven't checked out Superman's blog. It is an interesting advertising campaign he is running - that is all I can say - so that we go visit him.

zooey said...

that pic just gave me a new obsession. as if i did not have enough of them. great blog. found it through milts blog.

Cheryl said...

Thanks Zooey!
To have someone who likes Milt's blog also like mine - thats a compliment, even if I decide to put it down to you turning up on one of my good days!
Cheers, I'm well chuffed.

Bernadette said...

I wouldn't touch that one with a ten foot pole!

I like "well-chuffed". We don't use that euphemism in these parts!