10 July 2005

I Want My Waterboys!

Gary's gone out to our eldest's, to pick up our two younger kids who stayed the night.

Now, he and I we love each other, and we do like a lot of the same music, although I guess I really mean we both have very wide tastes in music and they do, occasionally, overlap. The truth, though, is that he or I will be 'in the mood' for a specific sort of music precisely at the moment said auditory input is perfectly poised to drive the other one right up the wall.

Anyway, there he was, gone. There I was, on a sunny Sunday afternoon, with the house to myself. I rushed to switch on the stereo and crank up the volume to play something that I love - an old Waterboys album. I'd left the tape in the machine, so all was ready and...........

.....................what did I get? Flock of Bloody Seagulls!

Gary had done the same as me, revelled in his own quirkier tastes while I wasnt there to cringe, but had put my Waterboys cassette who knows where, and, like me, left his own preference in the machine.


So I made do with the chart show. A lot of the current chart (like the Kaiser Chiefs - brilliant) have that mildly bhangra style, almost syncopated back beat that's good for bouncing along to, just like my Dream Harder album, but I was SO looking forward to chanting out Preparing To Fly, and the Glastonbury Song, full pelt, with no-one to look askance.

Hey Ho (skedoodaladalo).


Ghone said...

There's nothing wrong with the Flock of Seagulls. Well, nothing a pair of scissors couldn't fix!
Saw them recently on Bands Reunited on MTV - all bald and fat!

Jody said...

I love The Waterboys, they've help me through a few rough patches here and there.