12 July 2005

As Teapots Go, I'm Rather Large (And Slightly Cracked) Actually

There used to be a statistic that one in nine men and one in fifteen women spent some time in a mental institution.

I found this out when I was young and impressionable, at about the same time as my dad was trying to talk me out of following in his footsteps to become a mental nurse.

One tenet I have lived by since that moment is this:

Emotions are like tomato ketchup without the lid. If you feel em coming out, let 'em out, otherwise, one day, just when you don't need it, someone'll slap your bottom and you'll lose the whole bottle at once.

Better to look slightly loopy today than to go completely up the pole tomorrow.

You think?


jane said...

Thats a great analogy! Now I'm thankful I"m always loopy! Oh, teapots....I think I'm a kinda short stumpy one. (much like my figure) *sigh*

doris said...

I think that sounds about right and sums me up as a parent. Most everything else has a safety valve but as a parent I just lose it. I'm a lot better now so maybe the sauce bottle is half full and doesn't cause such a problem these days.

Hmm. I wonder what teapot I'd be.... I think definitely crackled glazed with pretensions of being dainty. With a woolly tea cosy :-)

Imagine the amount of life saving cups of tea you'd get in your teapot?!