14 July 2005

AOL - slightly too sensitive?

I wonder if some silly blighter AOL user has received comments on their blog and then marked the email copies as junk mail, instead of trash.

The reason I wonder is I happen to know that blogger.com is bouncing back the email versions of comments I put on blogs if the email address is AOL.

AOL are notoriously anal with their spam controls - if a couple of people mark emails from a company as junk mail or spam, then apparently they block ALL emails from that company from reaching ANY of their customers.

So, if you use AOL and thought you were suddenly getting no feedback at all on your Blogger blog - you had better go visit your recent posts instead of relying on email notification.


ella m. said...

I use MSN and my comment notifications are often M.I.A. as well. I'm thinking that the fact that they lack a standardized sent from address( which livejournal has, and I did recieve my notifications on that platform) is what makes them get bounced.

Shelly said...

I get almost no spam with AOL so I like their spam controls fine. And I keep a spam folder so I can check for real mail that gets trapped. But Blogger Status already noted the problem and last I checked, was working on a fix.

Cheryl said...

Thanks Shelly - glad to know its getting sorted :-)

She Weevil said...

Hardly any spam but lots of missing stuff too - passwords etc just never turn up. Sometimes strikes me as protectionism especially the msn/aol issues. But hey!! have a lovely day.

bulb said...

I never get any feedback to begin with.


Nice to be back :-)