25 July 2005

Restoring The Imbalance

Thought I wanted to post something cute and fluffy and probably involving pink, to make up for the seriously manky toes, one post down.

Thought I wanted to, but couldnt actually do it. Every time my clicking finger got close to uploading something banal, my head jerked around 90 degrees over the other shoulder, forcing my mouse arm to 'step away from the cutesy stuff'. Have you ever considered how difficult it is to either suppress or express a violent gag reflex with your neck doing the Exorcist dance?

This is as near and as good as it gets. I hope you appreciate the lengths and depths of intent it took to get this:


Milt Bogs said...

I'm not sure that the blue bunny on the pink background makes up in any way for the previous jpg.

Lightning Bug's Butt said...

I'm sorry, but this bunny doesn't make up for that nasty foot below!

doris said...

LOL - that post made me laugh :-) I can imagine the extremes of mental anguish to even try to post something cutesy. At least the bugger is done up bondage style - that makes it remotely less cutesy.... and thankfully large enough to push the other pic further down the page :-)

bulb said...

I thought the other pic was kinda cute. This one is giiiiiiiiirly...... ewwwwww