05 July 2005

Free Association 126

Before I give my answers to this week's Free Association from LunaNina I've got to say its pretty obvious I have issues going on. I feel loose ended, incomplete, all revved up and no place to go, pretty much, plus I am beginning to be disgusted at the hours I manage to spend on the net doing nothing but pleasing myself. Something has to give and its probably got to be me.

We all find blogs we don't like, don't agree with or find offensive. I am surprised not at my reactions but at the verbose strength of those reactions. Its quite possible that is in part a tangential expression of other issues, like the nagging thought that I ought to throw a blanket over the computer and get a life, or remember what my kids looked like.


  1. Statistics:: comparisons, analysis, judgement
  2. Grin:: cheesy smile possibly false
  3. Saturn:: Saturnalia - self indulgence, over indulgence, soul damage
  4. Fulfilled:: finished
  5. Life plan:: Anal, obsessive complusive, like John Cleese in Clockwise
  6. Cult:: Clique for indulging in self importance or self denegration - more soul damage
  7. Lily:: Lily The Pink
  8. Stalemate:: Mexican standoff, between a rock and a hard place, stuck
  9. Celebration:: small revolting over sweet chocolate
  10. Underwear:: knickers.
Guess what - number ten was wonderfully therapeutic. Knickers, knickers, knickers, knickers, knickers. And Yah Boo Sucks, too.


P.S. My blog layout has gone bonkers again - the right hand column goes hard right in Thunderbird, but IE (good old IE - hopeless) can't cope at all and drops it way way down the page. And all my links to good blogs, old posts etc have all decided they want to be centred and not justified. I've deleted a bit of code by accident, or left an extra bit in, or something, and I haven't got a clue. Has anyone else had this happen, but managed to sort it? Please?


Ally said...

I think things are a bit swirly all round at the moment - I reckon it'll be better after the new moon tomorrow.

I'll have a look at your template if you like, if you want to email the code over - it looks like you've lost an alignment tag somewhere in your links column ...

ella m. said...

Although the fashion is to be all politically correct about it, someone needs to point out to the bad/offensive blogs just how much they truly suck. it's utterly ridiculous to call some thing "special" (i.e. unique) when it's really "special" ( i.e. worthy of riding the short bus). It is especially enjoyable you do it in such an intelligent and witty way.
When you are off on ae eloquent tear on some idiotic person or thing, it pretty much makes me want to be just like you whenever I finally grow up. :)

Badaunt said...

Your blog looks (and reads) as wonderfully as ever on my ancient PowerBook running Mozilla 1.3.1.

Milt Bogs said...

The error, whatever it is, is on your "Racial and Religious Hatred Bill" page. That is the only page that shows the error if you load it individually. Because it's loading as part of your current pages display it is throwing them as well.

jane said...

I always enjoy reading your blog. There are blogs that seem to make my blood pressure skyrocket, rather than finish reading them, I just move on. Unless you like debating for the sake of debating, why bother? I know I won't go as far extreme as they believe & to me, they seem quite closed minded. So I wish them well & move on my merry little way. Hope that helps a little. :)

Ally said...

It's all gone back to normal now, in Firefox, anyway. Yay!

doris said...

Yay! Yer blog is back to normal. Should it be 3 cheers to Miltsy for identifying the prob?