08 July 2005

Feeling a little bit sick

The blogosphere was praised on TV yesterday. When the London mobile phone system shut down, blogs were apparently the prime method for passing news that Cousin A was safe etc. I think that's wonderful. My own computer was down, all day, but I am so proud that some of us were able to make a real difference.

Blogging the actual news, however, was and still is pretty pointless because its been and remains all over the TV in so many countries. To use the only word that springs to mind, its overkill, possibly self aggrandisement and an insult and a slight to people who are in genuine shock, or are plastering photos of missing loved ones up and down the streets, or even pacing holes in the carpet at a hospital to see if their brother/sister/partner/child pulls through.

Have some respect. Have the decency to stand silent. Blog about something, anything else, but please, if I see one more blogger wax poetical about the highs and lows, if I see one more sorry, self involved moron (even if they live or used to live in London) do the whole drama queen thing when they have lost nothing and nobody, I am going to... well I don't know what.

Get over yourselves, M and others. You look like the drunk who turned up at the wrong funeral and is trying to steal the show. Shame on you.

Suck it up. Either find a way to help, or do something else useful but quit the ooh-ing and coo-ing, its demeaning and disgusting.


Arc said...

What a wonderful piece of writing Cheryl! I agree completely.

Thank you for stopping by my blog and understanding my post.

Jody said...

How frigging refreshing!

I almost vomited when I saw how quickly the exploitation began. It's almost like CNN had been waiting with their taglines ready.

I also agree with the blogger comment. How true.

doris said...

Thank you for being brave enough to say that. There is certanly an huge element of that going on out here in the blogosphere.

Your comment doesn't detract from the kindness people have shown or want to show but there is a subtle difference.

It's probably the British pragmatism in you :-)

PS. I swallowed a dictionary yesterday looking up pragmatism; stoicism; indefatigible and indominitable and feel I can now happily use any of these words with complete ease knowing which mean what! LOL

Cheryl said...

A nod of respect is one thing, we've pretty much all made one, and its good to see.
I mean the people behaving like self appointed 'on the spot reporters' - the ones that have rushed for the soapbox and the limelight. You know the sort I mean!
Brave? Hmm. No bravery involved. I don't function on whether I like or am liked, but on whether I respect and am respected - and I can only respect honesty. I suspect that still makes me quite normal!

Anonymous said...

I can't think of a better word than jodyleila's: refreshing

I put a disclaimer on my blog to excuse my lack of sentiment; it's not a lack of feeling but distaste for the boohoo bandwagon you're describing. Every time something horrific happens one starts expecting the next influx.

I think it's perfectly possible to have compassionate respect for the victims of tragedy, quietly take what positive action one can, and still wonder when Hallmark Cards is coming out with a new special occasion card.