11 July 2005

To The Lovely, Caring People....

......that KEEP going on about the London bombing.

Do what you have to do, to come to terms with it for yourself, just STOP GIVING ME YOUR UNWANTED AND UNWARRANTED SYMPATHY. Because:

  1. I wasnt there.
  2. England is not the size of an egg cup.
  3. It was a pretty pathetic bombing as bombings go.
  4. Its all over now
  5. Theres nothing we can do to change it
  6. Theres nothing we can do to make it better
  7. Brits don't 'do' mourning. We do quiet anger that comes out as crass jokes or excess consumption of chocolate and/or beer
  8. Nothing makes us ANGRIER than people expressing sympathy, because it implies that we are all wailing and have come to a standstill, or are in shock, and that's fecking insulting. What do you think we are, noncy wooses? Bog off. Take your buckets of tears and pour them on people who actually want to lie down and play victim, which is something we find NAUSEATING (unless they actually happen to BE the victim.)
  9. If we need a hug, we'll let you know.
Like I say, if this has got to you, miles away from the scene, then poor you. Perhaps you would like MY sympathy. I do realise that 9/11 was the first time your country had to face up to mortality and uncertainty on a grand scale, but really, get a grip. For the rest of the world, to one degree or another, it has been an ever present possibility. Yes its shitty, but theres bleep all we can do about it after the fact, is there.

So, the next person who feels the need to pick a random old post on here to offer condolences or direct me to a site of prayer, or who decides to email me privately like we're friends or something just because I live within commuting distance of London, well, be prepared. I may be very, very condescending.


Ally said...


ella m. said...

They're probably American and are too ignorant to know any better. We're a rather unfortunate nation of drama queens.

Milt Bogs said...

Quite right We have come face to face with mortality once or twice in the faily recent past.

Cheryl said...
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jane said...

I've wondered about Cheryl. What little news I listen to anymore, it seems like the London bombing is more about America for some reason.
I appreciate what you expressed.

Steve said...

Cheryl, I am so sorry please accept my sincere condolences......
that you live within commuting distance of London, poor you xx PMSL

doris said...

I thought this was an interesting article article about Blogs on the bombs which doesn't have anything about the point you were making but interesting nonetheless.

I found you have to right click on these links to open in a new window, ortherwise they sit in the pop-up.

Cheryl said...

Hehe thank heavens it doesn't!
I'd hate to think someone might have used the form and drawn their attention to this. I'd have to start thinking before I write, or remembering to spell, or stuff like that

Badaunt said...

Oy! Stop that! I want Japanese people to PANIC about this bombing, and send air tickets to London plummeting. You lot being sensible will not help me at all.

Please be more upset and paranoid, and pass it on. Tell every Japanese person you see that London is NOT SAFE. They should come back to Japan and tell everybody how awful and dangerous it is. Weep, wail, and gnash your teeth if necessary.

And then... I'll see you next month!

Cheryl said...

Badaunt you are so funny. Except when you tage me for long memes.

Doris, try this one! Very true and very funny: http://www.warrenellis.com/index.php?p=971

doris said...

Thanks for that Cheryl and even funnier is the link from that to the London Hurts live journal. So that is where all the action is that the BBC article referred to!

Badaunt - you are so naughty wanting to keep London to yourself ;-)