14 July 2005

The Trouble With TelecomPlus

Well OK, I guess I mean the trouble with The Utility Warehouse club, which is part and parcel, and splitting hairs.

Actually I have two niggles:

  1. They are SO customer centred that little things like earning the flash, full version distributor website (I just got mine, yay!) take into account the number of actual customers you have. This is fine, great, good, moral, another one of those reasons why I joined. It just seems that so far, EVERY blighter who takes a look has asked to be a distributor instead, and as a distributor you can become your own first customer. So I have these customers who are not really my customers, but their own customers, because they couldn't settle at just BEING customers and had to go and sign up to be distributors as well. Hence the delay in getting my full version website.
  2. They have some truly beautiful pdf format advertising downloads and, I'm not really supposed to tell you anything that isn't on those. The company is very moral (there's that word again) and comes down like a ton of bricks on anyone who gets creative in describing their services - basically you use the official and approved advertising or you shut up. They will not tolerate misrepresentation, which is fair and proper - oily salesmen need not apply etc etc. Rather than sit and type out the official wording, I really, really, really wanted to show you one of the colour ads on here, but I dont have the software to convert a pdf to a gif, so when I say that club membership gives you the cheapest (note the 'est') domestic gas and electricity in the UK, believe me, I am not copying out all the blurb about the mobile phone deals, broadband, landline call and line rental and all the rest of it as well.
On the other hand, I guess that boils down to me sulking because: a) I'm with a long established British plc with principles and, b) um, yeah, that again.

Eeh it's a hard life

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mark cox said...


I have been with Telecomplus now for 2 years.
They are a good ethical UK plc.
I was doing really well until they could no longer advertise as the suppliers of the countries cheapest gas & electricity.
Still other services are good value, despite there being a lot of competition, you can still recommend the services to open minded people.

Like your blog pages.