09 July 2005

A New One For The Oxford English Dictionary

OK, so who wants to lay a bet with me on how long it will take this definition to make it into our dictionaries?

A girl pretending she is or may be pregnant, for personal gain = 'Doing a Makosi'

If not 'up' on UK Big Brother, see here


Bernadette said...

Thanks to you I feel very hip, Cheryl! I've been enjoying you take on things at Doris' place.

Bernadette said...

...er, your take, that is. I shall read on down regarding the "Bad Mother's Club" with more than a little trepidation.

Cheryl said...

Hi Bonnie!
Nope! Relax! I checked out your beautiful blog, and this definitely does not relate to you.
Really pleased you dropped by. :-)