25 August 2005

Oh Now Thats A Pig

I have gone back even to last month's archive. ALL my posts are mucking up in internet explorer, even though I havent changed so much as the sidebar, for ages.

Anyone got any ideas?


Bryan G said...

Actaully, It could be two things. one. Blogger made a change and I would recommend trying a different template. Or it could be your browser but since your site is messed up on the three different browsers I tried I would say it is the layout.

Try redesigning the page and see what happens

Cheryl said...

Hi Bryan
Not good news, then, but its best to know. I am really impressed and grateful that you would call my site up in so many different browsers just to offer help - what a nice guy - thanks!

yellojkt said...

I use Firefox nearly exclusively and never realized how FUBARed IE can turn a heavily formatted blog.

The problems I have seen are usually some element that is straying outside the defined width of the division. It could be an oversized graphic or a piece of text that isn't wrapping right.

To diagnose it without mucking up your remplates, do a reveal source on a page and save it as a local file.

I suspect it is this line in your bloglist:


Since it doesn't wrap, it is making the sidebar too wide and forcing it to the bottom. Replace the full url the second time it occurs with just "Sharp Corners" (without quotes) and everything should return to normal.

Let me if it works out.

gary said...

Did you get it fixed? I'm using IE, and it looks like your site displays fine.

Cheryl said...
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Cheryl said...

Thanks Gary, yes, but its good to hear from someone else that its working now.

Sharp corners is new to my list and looks like a good site, but with Bloglines rather than Blogrolling, I am stuck with whatever name comes up for the link - so have now had to simply mark that as a hidden subscription and get it off my blog.

I wouldn't have known to even try that, without your comment yellojkt, so thanks.

My brain isnt so much on an awayday (recent post) as gone for its summer hols, it seems, so I feel thoroughly rescued.

yellojkt said...

Glad to help. You're the second site besides my own that I know has had that problem. As Paul Simon says:
He's just a one trick pony (that's all he is)
But he turns that trick with pride