10 August 2005

Free Association 131

I am late playing, this week. The funny thing is that if you do this for three or four weeks, you start to notice not just your own moods and your own nutty subconscious associations, but also a little something about how the author, LunaNina's own mind works.

I have no idea whether this week's list was created in a good or bad mood, but its interesting that the chosen words should be listed together. You think?
  1. Complexion:: Porcelain Sorry, I just dont hear the word used, except in makeup adverts
  2. Teach:: If you can't do - Not so true these days but there are still plenty of 'traditional' teachers for whom the cap fits - guys that just want an easy life working from the same notes they used last year. I know, I've worked in a school.
  3. Back to school:: Hollow, horrible; butterflies - I loved Juniors and hated Senior (Grammar) school - disinterested, pompous teachers and no participation unless it was a spot test, all dictation. Except Art and English.
  4. Months:: plenty of time. Everything in this house works on what I should have done by yesterday - anything due to happen in months rather than minutes goes to the back of my head
  5. Nominate:: Expel - but only because Big Brother is on.
  6. Favorite curse word:: Bollocks. You can express so much more disdain and adrenalin gearing up to say B instead of a word beginning with F and its perfect said in a cold, quiet, perfectly pronounced fashion - makes people do a double take.
  7. Concerned:: Worried - especially when its not really your business. Otherwise used in letters as a polite term for panicked/outraged
  8. Better:: Nicer. Wow what a catch all word. Getting better feels nicer, thats it.
  9. Escalate:: Stir up trouble. The word only seems to be used in sentences like "The situation has escalated", meaning bad things. I guess if you personally escalate something, you make it worse.
  10. Unveil:: Plaque. Like they do when a dignitary can make it to 'open' a new building thats been functioning for a month already - stick a plaque on the wall indoors and have them pull a curtain open.


Ms Mac said...

In the spirit of your obvservation about the word escalate, my husband remarked this week that the word magnanimous only ever seems to be used sarcastically!

He made me laugh!

bart said...

what curious associations you make... thank you for an enjoyable post ;-)