30 August 2005

Spiritual Webring

This is the banner from my friend Annie's site, HostOfSpirits.com. Well, one of her sites anyway. Actually the real one is a gif and the words change, but I am too dumb to work out how to either upload that version or link to her site behind it, so HERES THE LINK.

Annie just happens to be a psychic-medium web genius who discovered the need to work from home and from that, to run her own company. Well, companies.

This one is relatively new - its a HOSTING site (no, really?) available to anybody, but created with Spiritual sorts in mind. Annie and her people have years of experience on the live circuit and running spiritual chatrooms and classes, so are well aware of all the issues and requirements involved in providing a spiritual website as a service, either voluntarily, or for profit.

Anyway, I just bought two new URLs from there, dirt cheap, for my Telecom Plus sites (the pig in the sidebar) and theres nothing remotely spiritual about that.

Another bit of good news: they have started a webring. If you provide any sort of spiritual web prescence, be it counselling, advice, a directory or info site, you are now welcome to join, by signing up HERE.

This might not look like the sort of thing normally on my blog (if it has a single 'normal thing' about it), but like I said, I'm lovely (!), and thats what friends are for; plus, if I ran the right sort of site, it would be something I would definitely want to know.

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