05 August 2005

My Favourite Quote

Jody Leila over at Come On Pilgrim does a quote of the week. This week's offering from Albert Einstein had me chuckling at his dry wit and sarcasm and trying to imagine what person or organisation he had crushed with his jewel of a remark.

Not being as clever as Jody, I hold only a few quotes dear to my heart, one of them, by Dorothy Parker (I thought it was Tallulah Bankhead - blush) is "Ducking for apples, change one letter and it's the story of my life". Priceless. Check out Ally's blog of the same name, if you appreciate that level of humour as I do.

I am lucky to have my most favourite quote on a T-shirt. I love it.

My mother will be seventy-five this year and I am simultaneously guilt-ridden (a la seven year old - how do mums do that?) and peeved and yet jolly impressed that she loves it too. Up to this point she has never in my life nagged me for clothes swapsies but she has now begged me for this T-shirt.

I can see myself losing it shortly, if I can't find another one.

The quote?

"I used to be Snow White ........... but I drifted"

Mae West.

Anyone else got a favourite?


doris said...

Mae West eh? You just know I'm grinning from ear to ear as I love her. I'd have been her bedroom bitch if I was around in the times she was making her movies!!

I have a couple of her quotes on my blog - all the time. One I haven't got on there is along the lines of:

"It's not the man in my life it's the life in my men"

and the way she purrs, but it is in a knowing, joking, tongue-in-cheek way:

"Peel me a grape, Tallulah"

That's a saying that transcends the words and captures the whole frivolity of the moment.

Good chance that blokes would give you favourite quotes from blokes and action movies!!!

Ms Mac said...

My fave quote was from John DeLorean who said, "Would you buy a used car from me?" Not because it was clever or funny but because I guessed at who had said it once and won a game of Quotations against my cousin who used to win everything we ever played!

Cheryl said...

Reminds me of the guy who ran Ratners and famously made a dinner speech claiming his company was succesful because it sold crap!

Jody said...

I have lots of favourite quotes but one of my all time favourites comes from the movie Drugstore Cowboy.

Kelly Lynch's character says to Matt Dillion's character

"You never fuck me and I always have to drive."

That pretty much summed up one of my past relationships. It always makes me laugh.

Arc said...

I have some weird obsession with the movie Auntie Mame...I own a T-Shirt that says "Life is a banquet, and most poor suckers are starving to death!"

I also own T-shirt that say "What We Have Here Is A Failure To Communicate" (Cool Hand Luke) and a plaque that says "Don't Let The Bastards Grind You Down" (U2 - Acrobat) over my desk.

I look to that one ALOT! ;)

Cheryl said...


The latin version of that is 'Nil Illegitimi Carborundum' and is the reason, when the new council offices here had their grand opening, that we had to hurriedly replace a wall hanging - a plaque gifted 50 or so years ago by a Rugby Club - it was on there as the motto, right at the start of the buffet table! I like that one too :-)


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