25 August 2005


I see IE has gone off my site and is viewing it all wonky.

Internet Explorer does that too easily - something to do with links, usually and its a pain in the butt.

I much prefer Mozilla Firefox. In fact its what I use all the time, except when following links from hotmail emails. Hotmail, being Microsoft, will seemingly only open a browser in IE because its another Microsoft product, otherwise I would have remained clueless.

Sorry If you are looking at a mess, in your browser! It means I either have to:

a) look at each post individually to see which one has the problem and then remove the links one by one (botheration) or delete it, or

b) write four new posts about something or other to knock the offending piece off the front page.

I am feeling neither industrious not creative, so its a toss-up. This calls for coffee.



cube said...

Is that Willie Wonky or Charlie Wonky?

Shelly said...

It looks fine in IE to me. I use Firefox, too, but I'm on IE right now.

Cheryl said...

The first friend ever to bookmark my site on blogexplosion or leave me a helpful comment. Hi!

Yes its all fixed now. How on earth do you run SO MANY beautiful blogs? As you can see, I still havent caught up with you design wise - not by a long chalk.

I think I must be codelexic or something, or else you're just too clever.