23 August 2005

Free Association 133

Thanks, LunaNina!

  1. Fan:: ceiling fan. Noisy things like the ones that used to be at Burger King?
  2. Scum:: bathing with a bar of soap, that always makes scum - yuk
  3. Lily:: The Pink! (And Jennifer Eccles)
  4. Humid:: industrial kitchen
  5. Ghetto: Blaster, or as Bjork called it in one track, a jatto blaster
  6. Remember me?:: I'm the oooooone who loves ya baby - who sang that?
  7. Polished:: table
  8. Compose:: yourself
  9. Squish:: boots in mud, or mud in boots
  10. Future:: perfect. Its a tense, not a prophecy.


jane said...

telly savalas said 'who loves ya baby'...remember him? the detective on kojak with the lollipop in his mouth. (if they showed that in uk)
i've never listened to bjork. doesn't she sing kinda squeeky? i just remember her from an awards show in which she showed up in a bird dress, i think it was an ostrich.

Arc said...

LOL..there was a guy at a British Pub here we used to go to that used to sing Lily The Pink...or some semblance of it. I never knew what it was called or that it was even real until now!

Christopher Trottier said...

Wash, rinse, repeat.