23 August 2005

Havin' an Awayday

I think my brain has gone off somewhere, on a jolly holiday.

I know I'm not in the here and now because so far I have :
  • Put my coffee down and completely forgotten where and been unable to find it
  • Did a fried egg for brunch and broke the yoke, dropping it in the pan
  • turned round and put the eggshell halves into the bowl of washing up suds instead of the bin.
Its a step in the right direction. Yesterday I took washing up out to the kitchen, including a plate containing crusts and half a cold cup of coffee (that happens when you forget you had a drink on the go). I tipped the crusts in the bin on my way past, got to the sink drainer, put it all down, picked up the half full mug and..... turned round and emptied that into the bin too, instead of the sink.

So the question is, where am I? Did I plan to go, will I learn something, and did I remember to pack a toothbrush?

I wonder if we'll get a postcard....


Cooper said...

It seems pretty clear that your brain has begun to devote itself to something spectacular and so has shut down from concentrating on daily chores. You may not know what it is yet, but some great Eureka moment (of probably world changing proportions) is likely to be just around the corner...

Cheryl said...

Cooper! My genius 'creepy-short-story' writing friend, thank you for such faith.
Oftentimes I had imagined my subconscious to have scaled the heights of spiritual enlightenment, only to discover it was constipated and actually stuck in the loo with a magazine and a crossword, but its nice to hope.
Thank you!

doris said...

Ha-ha! Coffee thrown in the bin beats any of my half-mindedness. I love Cooper's comment!!!

jane said...

oh it is so WONDERFUL to read that others suffer the same way i do! don't know what its called, but we all got it!